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    seeing as nearly everything that's ever been recorded is available or has been available on CD I was curious if anyone had any LOST GREAT RECORDINGS that still await the CD conversion.

    I'll start you with a couple of my own lost great recordings:

    REEBOP KWAKU BAAH - TRANCE (Island Records 1977)
    YABBY YOU - JAH JAH WAY (Island Records 1978)
    Up - Perfect Disaster

    Compas / Kumpas - Dalek I

    (AFAIK anyway)
    Hi Keith

    sorry to upset you but the Dalek I was reissued on CD 1989.
    Dalek i: Compass Kumpas (1989)

    CD Fontana [836 894-2]
    LP Fontana [836 894-1]
    MC Fontana [836 894-4]

    1. The World 2:27
    2. 8 Track 2:21
    3. Destiny (Dalek I Love You) 3:37
    4. A Suicide 2:53
    5. The Kiss 2:00
    6. Trapped 4:00
    7. Two Chameleons 3:18
    8. Freedom Fighters 2:08
    9. You Really Got Me 1:56
    10. Mad 1:48
    11. Good Times 2:07
    12. We're All Actors 2:52
    13. Heat 3:11
    14. Missing 15 Minutes 5:36
    15. Astronauts (Have Landed On The Moon) 3:26
    16. Happy 2:33
    17. This Is My Uniform 3:13
    18. Heartbeat 4:01
    Also - seems that the Perfect Disater - Up came out on CD.

    Amazon have it for sale (albeit at £23.95!)
    Ugh. I could be a wimp and submit some obscure cool-band title to show off, or I could grow a set and list my real (embarrassing) grievances:

    - You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Original Television Cast)

    Originally released on Atlantic Records, a recording of the soundtrack to a televised version of the Broadway play. Starring Wendell Burton (The Sterile Cuckoo, Fortune and Men's Eyes), Barry Livingston (loads of TV work), etc.
    The soundtrack to my childhood. Sure, I ripped it from a new copy of the vinyl that I dug up, but CD would be fun (for me).

    - Belouis Some, Some People

    Hey, cut me some slack. I was 12 when it came out and heavily steeped in that sort of pop for a while. It's not such a bad album. If you're into that kind of thing.

    I was going to say Thompson Twins' A Product Of, but it was just released (along with the original Set)! Hooray!

    A re-release of Cabaret Voltaire's Code would be nice, as it is a decent album but not worth the current pricetag for a used copy...
    Hi 7jlong

    just loooked at Amazon US and the original Broadway cast CD (1967) is available for 14.99

    Relive you're childhood!
    Ah, yes, and thank you for looking... that is a good album, and indeed the revival cast was a nice one as well.

    But you know how it goes, especially with those pesky youthful memories: the cast is different, the musicians are different, and for better or worse I don't think I'd be quite the person I am now without being a stubborn, particular, singleminded fussbudget.

    On the subject of childhood TV programmes. Sad news of the death of Oliver Postgate the creator of Pingwings, Pogles' Wood, Noggin the Nog, Ivor the Engine, The Clangers and Bagpuss!

    This will mean nothing to mainland Europe and our American colonies.
    At least half of those programs would at the very least have been retitled in America due to some bored puritanical fanatic reading too much into words like "bagpuss" and "wood", or deciding that "noggin the nog" was a euphemism for masturbation.

    This, of course, is the same culture that thought the Bell is a Cup cover pointed to "heroin" and "the CIA".

    Ah, Oliver Postgate... bless 'im... one of a kind... Ivor The Engine and The Clangers were big favourites of mine when I were little. Utterly beguiling. The films were shot in his garden shed I believe... the BC Gilbert of 70s kids animation !
    "Also - seems that the Perfect Disater - Up came out on CD.

    Amazon have it for sale (albeit at £23.95!)"

    Ah, thinking about it, it might have come out on cd at the time (before I had a cd player!), but never been re-issued.

    Don't remember Compass / Kumpas getting re-issued on cd though. Wouldn't mind getting hold of that - one of my fave albums EVER!
    Best of Ralph (2xLP compilation from Ralph Records with Residents, Tuxedomoon etc.)
    Pink Industry - "Who Told You, You Were Naked" and "New Beginnings" (tracks from both of them available on compilations, but the albums were never reissued on CD i think)
    Biting Tongues - Libreville (i love this one and i'm glad i have it on vinyl)
    Not in the category of released-but-not-on-CD, but two unreleased PiL albums I'd love to hear are the re-recorded "First Issue" (done for Warners; only the redone "Fodderstompf" came out as a b-side) and the "Renovations" mini-album, which was a re-recordings with the "Happy?" version of the band. Only "The Suit" and "Religion" were ever released, both as b's.
    >Biting Tongues - Libreville (i love this one and i'm glad i have it on vinyl)

    I saw these do a reformation gig at Islington Mill and was impressed by the drummer especially.

    PJ Harvey should release the rest of her Peel sessions and some of the live recordings she's done for the BBC.
    Skids - BBC Sessions. Not a reissue, a first issue. Please...every other band has these out...
    Personally, I`d love to find out if there are actual CD copies of the following `lost` albums/tracks. (My vinyl versions have been in storage back in Scotland for going on 11 years...... T`would cost a small fortune to ship all my vinyl out to Japan, but I`m loathed to part w/ any of it/them. I know; sad or what?!).

    Here goes;
    Alternative TV - "vibing up the senile man"
    The Good Missionaries - "s/t"
    Chrome - "red exposure"
    the 2 x Prag Vec 7" ep`s - possibly to be found on some obscure CD compilation?
    Zoviet France - "a flock of rotations"
    Prince Far I - "cry tuff dub encounter chapter IV"
    Mekons - "the quality of mercy is not strenen" (sp.?)
    Pere Ubu - "datapanik in the year zero" e.p.
    Misty in Roots - "live @ counter eurovision(?)" (forget proper title)
    World Domination Enterprises - "love from lead city"

    Any pointers very gratefully received.

    Aye, billy-no-mates - some of the early Skids` Peel sessions were belters. I remember a song called "zit" which never appeared on any of their releases. (I could be wrong though.........).
    Dr. Medulla - I`ve a PiL album called "the commercial zone" which I think Keith Levine `sneaked` out as a semi-official bootleg. Pretty good, if memory serves me well.
    Love In A Void - Siouxsie & The Banshees. a pre-The Scream "semi-official" bootleg. It gives The Scream a run for its money - possibly the height of all SATB product.

    i had it at the time (dunno what happened to it) & recently repurchased it for a (fairly) reasonable £25 on ebay. Dunno if it were ever released subsequently on vinyl or cd (i hope not the latter!), but it's certainly a corker!
    Hey Paul,

    All the :zoviet*france: LPs and EPs were re-released on their Charrm label in the 90s. Don't know what the availability of it is now though. I have most of the catalogue on CD as I was a huge :z*f: fan, and can copy A Flock Of Rotations for you. Also have a pretty good vinyl to CD of Datapanik too. Classic stuff. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo is an all time Ubu favourite of mine.
    Chrome's Red Exposure has just been rerealesed on CD by Cleopatra. Should be easier to find now.
    Great record, btw.
    Virgin released The Quality Of Mercy ages ago. Check Ebay.