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    Grand! Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

    I`ve managed to track down a CD copy of the Good Missionaries album & a listing for a CD version of ATV`s "vibing up the senile man" too...

    So, looks like I`ll be busy once the Festive postal chaos is done & dusted.
    Hello Akatombo

    the Misty In Roots Live at the Counter Eurovision came out on CD some moons ago and a real gem it is.

    If you can't find it then drop me an email ( and we can sort something out.
    most of the "love in a void" album is demos / peel tracks which are on the deluxe re-issue of "the scream" from a year or so ago. great remaster job , well worth having.

    bugger! if i'd've known that, i'd've got the cd for less than 1/2 the price i paid for the vinyl! ho-hum!
    anyone got the self titled 'the janitors'?
    old peely fave from around early-mid '80's
    had a cassette of it once but it 'walked'
    The Flying Lizards are poorly represented on CD. The first 2 albums were released on CD in Japan, and the first of these is not too difficult to track down, but the second (Fourth Wall) is more elusive. Apparently David Cunningham is not very enthusiastic about those reissues, I'm don't know why.Their Top Ten album is available on CD, but I've never summoned up the enthusiasm to get it.
    Wow! If you can let me know where to (relatively) easily get Top Ten, I'm all ears. My vinyl of it is suffering badly. Gave up on Fourth Wall when I saw the prices it is commanding.

    Top Ten: it's silly as all hell, but a great big pile of fun.
    Good missionaires on Cd?? Brill. Well done Akatombo for posing the ?.
    Had a lot of the old Sniffin glue fanzine years ago and Ripped and Torn fanzines thanks to
    the editors(Ha Ha coperate c--t) sister who was in my class at school. Was Perry not a Zappa fan
    before year zero as he calls it?? What about the half each LP with Here and Now?? Is it on CD??
    Seemed a strange thing to do then and still does today.
    7jlong - the last time I was looking for Flying Lizards CDs, there were a few copies of Top Ten available, but at the moment there aren't. I apologise for geting your hopes up.
    Nice to see somebody else likes Chrome.
    Really liked Alternative TV, w/ Mark Perry, et al. There`s a very good CD kicking around of some sessions they did w/ Mr G. P. Breyer Orridge back in `78. Sadly, the split album w/ Here & Now has never made it onto CD yet.... The Good Missionaries did a cracking Peel session later on in `78 that I`d love to hear again. Come to think of it - there must be a good double-digit number of sessions that I`d love to hear again. I think that the BBC should really get their collective `finger out`, and do proper justice to the wealth of musical history they have mouldering in their vaults, eg; Peel Sessions, (not to mention a whole host of other radio shows`archived material). I don`t think that they would have much problem covering their costs per release/or high-quality d/load. Or is it run by a bunch of faceless, artistic integrity-free, corporate bean-counters ? (Rhetorical question?).
    Chrome! The first 5 albums or so were, personally, a real eye-opener as to the joys & endless possibilities of early tape-splicing, radio/tv 1/4 inch samples, before it was ever called sampling. And they had that whole kind of unproduced sound to them. (Even a hint of krautrock?!). Much in the same way as Cabaret Voltaire explored analogue electronics & tape manipulation back in the mid-70`s.
    Wasn`t there a Flying Lizards `in dub` album out about 5 years or so ago? Maybe try GEMM or eBay?
    OK, that`s my tuppence worth until 2009....... Many thanks to everyone for their suggestions & kind offers. (Can get a tad isolated here in H/shima).
    the ATV side of the split Here & Now album was included on the cd reissue of "vibing up the senile man" on cherry red. sadly out of print now , but i guess it'll come again at some point

    What about Five Or Six ? Remember them ? Does anyone know if anything was re-issued on CD ? There's the EP "Four from Five Or Six", the single "Another Reason", and, as far as I can remember, a track was featured on the Cherry Red compilation LP "Perspectives and Distortion", which also had some real gems from Lemon Kittens, Eyeless In Gaza, Virgin Prunes, amongst others. Did Cherry Red re-issue this LP on CD by any chance ? Lemon Kittens ! There's another bunch I'd love to hear again as my old tape copies are falling apart - "Spoonfed and Writhing", "We Buy A Hammer For Daddy", "The Big Dentist".

    "He's just a strange type - but I love him, because he tells me to"
    Cherry Red put out a useful, if somewhat random, Five or Six best-of this year.

    Tentative 5o6 Wire link - 5o6 supported Colin Newman at the Venue in 1982.

    My second-favourite reissue of 2008, after the entire works of The Lines.

    In the Venn diagram of post-punk, the Lines sit neatly at the intersection of Wire, Subway Sect and Talking Heads.

    Now what's the more direct Lines-Wire link, pop kids?

    "Now what's the more direct Lines-Wire link, pop kids?"

    I'm all googled out on that one Mark... want to put us out of our misery ? Did they play support to Wire somewhere ?
    Oh go on then....

    Lines frontman was one Richard "Rico" Conning, producer of one of the versions of Eardrum Buzz.

    M ;-)
    I see. You are one for the merest trace elements of pop minutiae Mark !
    ... not to mention In Vivo, and did that bongo-matic club mix of it...
    Yes, there is a Flying Lizards go dub album, it's remixes by David Cunningham of some tracks by a reggae musician whose name escapes me. It was recorded around the time of Fourth Wall, but Virgin never released it; the CD is on Piano Records. I listened to it the other day, and wasn't too impressed.
    Sort of following on from ATV/Mark Perry, I was pleased to discover a `Door & the Window` CD on Overground. And also, one of my lost favourite tracks from yesteryear; Danny & the Dressmakers "don`t make another bass guitar, Mr. Rickenbacker", taken from the Weird Noise e.p. on F**k Off records, which can now be found on "Messthetics Greatest Hits" CD on Hyped to Death records. Which also has an amazing Manchester Musicians Collective 1977 - 82 compilation CD; 21 tracks + 7 bonus mp3`s. "Messthetics #106".
    Also, does anyone know if the Basement 5 "1965 - 1980" LP on Island, (Dennis Morris, "last white christmas", etc.), ever came out on CD?
    Many thanks in advance.