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    Check this out:

    About 1:30 into the Soulwax mix. What do you think?
    I think it might be nice if they asked for permission to use it and would be interesting to find out if they did. As for the actual use of the track, it doesn't sound too out of place in the piece as a whole, but they didn't really do a heck of a lot of work on it did they!?
    It 'ain't 'alf bad' but this sorta music doesn't do much for me................
    Soulwax is one of myfriends on Myspace site.
    this guys should repair their CD player :-)

    old style scratch on vinyl was much better than this digital thing anyway.

    and btw, before doing the 2manydjs thing soulwax was actually a normal rock band. i even have their first record.
    Gotta admire their taste but I could do a better mix than that, I thought i'd have a go and 20 mins later sure enough:
    erm....... actually that's pretty darn good, why don'tcha 'finish' it..............