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    I got an email from some or other ticket agent yesterday & it seems that the 'boys' are playing a one-off at above mentioned venue on Wednesday 21st January - presumably as a warm up for their German tour.
    I will be there.
    so who else is going then? looking forward already , so far magazine and the only ones have been in great form this month and i'm sure wire will make it a great hat-trick. is there a logical hostelry nearby for a pre-gig beer? i think this place is deep in nathan barley territory so getting it worng could be painful , but the venues for that githead freebie gig and the "pink flags" barbican warmup were somewhere in the vicinity i think and they were pretty decent places. however i am not local so will bow down to superior ideas if any are apparent

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    The Barley Mow in Curtain Road was always a good safe bet, but haven't been anywhere near the area since previously mentioned Barbican warmup... If it's still a good boozer may need some contemporary confirmation.
    While on the subject of Cargo, does anyone have stage times, even approximate?
    unless the band, or some1 posts 'em on here, give the venue a bell on the day. i always do these days - saves having to endure some crappy support bands!!!!

    on the topic of support bands - does anybody know who is supporting Tuesday?
    Joe Gideon & the Shark according to the link above

    i'll be there on Tuesday. flying there from Germany. and then i'll see them in Hamburg and in Mannheim. 3 times Wire within 6 weeks.
    hmm - they sound interesting!!!!
    Was sat at the Brit Awards, aghast at the music the kids listen to these days. Then Take That started coming towards me in a spacecraft, dressed like Devo on their day off. Went home and put on Object. It rocked my world.
    Alas I can't make the gig tomorrow, although I was lucky enough to get two hometown Wire shows, and the Leeds show in last year so I can't complain really.

    Looking forward to yr reviews and set lists you lucky people. I believe its a full house too so it should be a corker.
    not gonna write a long reveiw, but suffice to say that despite being in a rather jovial mood they were tight & bang on the button! A tad too much Send material for my liking, but i got Silk Skin Paws & a nice new song 2ward the end (any1 catch the title?). they were helped by the venue being small & intimate (amazes me why the don't get booked at bigger venues, but hey - we benefit!).

    tempted by Germany now!!!!
    Hopefully some more reviews come in because I'm interested to know what they played
    "they were tight & bang on the button!"

    Apart from 'One Of Us'....
    every1's allowed one senior moment a gig!!!!
    "Apart from 'One Of Us'.... "

    but i liek the raw messy version of that, cos its so slick on record.

    over all the gig was great, really great sound in there too,
    >>a nice new song 2ward the end (any1 catch the title?). <<

    Hardly new.

    Underwater Experiences.

    Get your Document & Eyewitness out and give it a spin, young man.

    One of us raw and messy :-)
    Well, it was more like Colin started it in the wrong key, with Graham and Margaret looking at each other and probably wondering "what are we supposed to do now ? we are in the right key". i found it funny, and they managed to get it on track again somehow.
    I liked the show.
    Towards the end there was one song i'm not sure i heard before. Not Underwater Experiences, i mean the one they played before Lowdown.
    That's 'He knows', which dates from 2000 and made a reappearance at last year's live gigs.