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    Good to see Paul, Mark, Linda, Uri, Ian and other Copyists in attendance - unfortunately I had to leave early so missed everything after 'Boiling Boy'. I thought Wire started off like a train, with Mr Marx and Mekon Headman sounding particularly sharp, rhythmic and DUGGA. Then they lost their way a bit, culminating in the wrong-key meltdown on One of Us ... but hey, it was a warm up gig, so we know the rules. Don't think they were helped by the crowd, who were pretty unresponsive, and quite possibly there to be seen rather than having any genuine interest (very Shoreditch). Also it was too packed, and there were a few larey f*ckers too. Speaking of larey f*ckers, I liked Graham's mini essay about the origins of Silk Skin Paws.

    Uri - the band I mentioned with the uncatchy name were Fujiya & Myagi.

    cheers, Howard
    "the band I mentioned with the uncatchy name were Fujiya & Myagi."

    *Thread dereail alert!*

    I recently 'discovered' Fujiya & Miyagi after writing about Battlezone (the video game) for Retro Gamer and finding out about F&Y's Sore Thumb video. (More on that on my blog.) Nice track, although I'm not sure I'd want an entire album of their stuff.

    Anyway, as you were!
    yeah, i thought that about the crowd being quite quiet - which is a shame. didnea see any larey f*ckers tho'! most people around me were having a good time.

    it's no surprise the venue was packed (tho, not 'too') - it always surprises me that Wire aren't booked into larger venues. having said that it's always better seeing bands you like in small venues, so, from a selfish pov, long may Wire continue to gig smaller venues!
    So I'm assuming they're still playing an identical setlist to the fall US tour?
    There's a Fujiya & Myagi mp3 concert download here:
    Steve - re set list; i doubt it, we saw Wire, not The Fall!
    >>So I'm assuming they're still playing an identical setlist to the fall US tour? <<

    Pretty much. Circumspect, which returned to the set in the US, has gone again.

    Thanks for the F&M d/l, Ari.
    A little rough around the edges but overall a terrific gig.

    There were a couple of fluffed endings and, of course, the comic disaster of `One of Us`, which can be seen in all its glory on YouTube, but these quibbles aside, a great show. My favourites were thunderous renditions of `Mr Marx`s Table` and `The Agfers of Kodak`.

    The band were in a playful mood exchanging banter with the slightly muted crowd. Someone shouted out `Ambulance Chasers` to which Colin shot back with, `No f***ing chance.........wouldn`t know where to begin`. Graham added `You`ve more chance of seeing God`.

    The only disappointment was the set list which was almost identical to the Scala show. They played `Silk Skin Paws` which was the only difference that I recall.

    Quick mention of the support band, Joe Gideon and the Shark, who made an interesting racket for a 2 piece, a sort of more
    experimental White Stripes.
    Andy - got the url for that video?
    ta. i thought i'd narrow search down by using 'one of us' instead of Wire - no wonder i coulnae find it!
    nice clip, does anyone have 'the whole show'? wanna trade?
    "...`Silk Skin Paws` which was the only difference that I recall"

    i don't think they have played Underwater Experiences at the Scala. And also not He Knows as far as i remember.
    but IMO not having many chances to rehearse before touring it's probably better they don't change too many songs, or we might experience more starts like in One of Us :-)
    Biccio, I think you`re right about Underwater Experiences, but I`m pretty sure they played He Knows at the Scala. Anyway, no matter. Much as I enjoyed both shows enormously, they felt kind of similar. I`d just have liked a few surprises thrown in.
    Is that the last of the Mohicans in the front row?

    In a selfish way I'm sort of glad they didn't play a whole new set from last year cos I couldn't go!

    But don't forget this was a warm-up for the Italian, German, Austrian & Swiss audiences who didn't get to see Wire in 2008 so Wire are giving them what they missed last year.

    I'm hoping to make the Dublin date by which point they'll be playing the whole of Manscape followed by four tracks from the bonus 7" from 154.
    I think Manscape had tremendous potential...
    Ya know.....I was in the front row at the Atlanta show and yelled out a request for "Children of Groceries." Colin laughed out loud and replied "not a chance." Would'nt it be cool if they re-released "Manscape" the way it was supposed to be?
    what's wrong with Manscape how it is?
    Leave well alone - enough revisionism !

    Onwards and upwards.
    never 4get/deny your past!