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    don't want to start a discussion on what's wrong with manscape. but was it supposed to be different ? i must have missed that bit
    I had read that the band didnt care for the mix so I would like to hear a mix that they did like....just sayin!
    that'd be interesting then, but i think it's great just as it is! as stated elsewhere my fave Wire lp!
    leave well alone i say, a different 'take' might be interesting but would it sell?
    sorry about arriving late for the thread but the Cargo set list was

    Our Time
    Mr. Marx's Table
    Being Sucked In Again
    Mekon Headman
    Perspex Icon
    Advantage In Height
    Agfers of Kodack
    Silk Skin Paws
    On All Fours
    Boiling Boy
    The 15th
    106 Beats That
    I Don't Understand
    He Knows
    Pink Flag
    Underwater Experiences

    I wonder if we sign a petition would the band play Drill, just once... ....every gig. Maybe if someone pleads that their Great Aunts dying wish is to hear Drill just once more, then we'll bring along an elderly relative as evidence with a placard reading "When are you playing Drill, Colin, pet". Would it work, doubt it. Always have Youtube i suppose.