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    Get well soon!

    Will the London show be re-scheduled as well?

    Was really excited about seeing you guys.
    Had an email from cantaloupe saying they won't be giving refunds pending the rearrangement of the London show, which I suppose is a positive sign that it will happen. Those of us who've bought e-tickets can then choose to transfer or a refund.

    Ahah, dear old London gets a mention at last. God bless the Fatherland but I'm a self-centred bastard at core.

    Found it a little disturbing that the initial announcement revolved solely around rearranging German shows for February, but as someone who is in physical (rather than e) possession of three tickets for Cargo, 50-odd quid's worth including agency rape fees, it would be nice to hear some word from someone who knows (rather than thinks they know) what plans there are, if any, for the rescheduling of the London date.

    My concerns are twofold: 1) Guess what, I wouldn't mind seeing Wire, they're quite good really, and 2) No way am I happy to allow my funds to sit in the bank account of a rip off ticket agency earning interest indefinitely if there is to be no rescheduling of the London show. If London's out, I'd like the opportunity to chase my refund ASAP. If someone 'in authority' could comment on this, I'd be most grateful.
    Revised dates for all of the shows, including Cargo, were posted to the home page of this website earlier this afternoon.
    Thanks Craig - would have thanked you more had you told me the date as well, but hey, my work ethic is as protestant as Paisley - but just in case there are people out there who aren't as hard working as me, who might, like me, have skipped straight to this thread, the new London date is 24 Feb, still at Cargo, and apparently all tickets for the original date will be honoured
    WIRE is back!
    For lazy(!) Wire fans:

    Revised dates schedule
    Wire are pleased to announce that we have rescheduled the German/Austrian Tour for March (see dates on the home page) and are also announcing today four dates in Italy at the end of February. The special warm-up show at Cargo, in London has also been rescheduled. All the clubs promise us that all tickets sold for the previous dates will be honoured for the new ones.

    # Feb 24: Cargo (Special warm-up show), London, UK Book tickets
    # Feb 26: Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome, Italy Book tickets
    # Feb 27: Spazio 211, Turin, Italy Book tickets
    # Feb 28: Vibra, Modena, Italy Book tickets
    # Mar 01: Magnolia, Milan, Italy Book tickets
    # Mar 21: Spedition, Bremen, Germany Book tickets
    # Mar 22: Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany Book tickets
    # Mar 23: Blue Shell, Koeln, Germany Book tickets
    # Mar 24: Live at Dot, Berlin, Germany Book tickets
    # Mar 25: Schauspielhaus, Leipzig, Germany Book tickets
    # Mar 26: Scheune, Dresden, Germany Book tickets
    # Mar 27: Fluc, Vienna, Austria Book tickets
    # Mar 28: Kino Ebensee, Ebensee, Austria Book tickets
    # Mar 29: Feierwerk, Munich, Germany
    Hope the band stay healthy for this gig! Saw them at King's Cross and they'd lost none of their spark. It's coming fast, it's a...
    excellent news!!
    no gig in Mannheim anymore ?
    Yippeee! I´ll be at the Blue Shell show then after all!
    Maybe Graham can stay from the power tools and the shed.
    Or maybe he has repetitive strain injury due to too much SENDing?

    Anyway best wishes for speedy recovery.
    Always best to rest and recuperate!

    Not such bad news as that about Ron Asheton which I just read.
    Well done Craig. Just call me the middle man and cut me out next time, I am (or should be) superfluous.

    And yes, a shame about Ron Asheton, I was interested to hear that he would be replacing that moody spoilsport Gilbert on this tour but I am sure Slash will be an adequate replacement.
    I don't think Bruce is a spoilsport (or moody, though of course I can't be sure) just because he decided to call it a day, at his age I wouldn't want to be touring with a bunch of people either, plus he probably wants to 'move on', nothing lasts forever, or, as some would say, the only constant is change. good luck to him I say.
    Perhaps Bruce just looks like a moody spoilsport but isn't one at all, Ari. I think the menopause affects us all in different ways - some of us become moody spoilsports, some lose their sense of humour totally and take everything literally, whereas in my case, I talk shit 90% of the time and don't give a toss what people think about it because I will die soon. But in the case of Bruce I accept your suggestion that he may simply have become restless and very benevolent to other guitarists, such as the sadly deceased Ron and now Slash.

    I wonder if Colin would consider letting Fee Waybill take his place for a few gigs? One can only imagine the bond they must have formed at those Hammersmith gigs, the joshing and larking about that pair of scoundrels must have got up to backstage.
    Fee Waybill?
    "Fee Waybill?"

    Lead singer with American glam punks The Tubes, whose birthday is actually the day after Colin's...

    Sexy and Rich ? Well, The Tubes' 2nd LP was Young and Rich...

    "I wonder if Colin would consider letting Fee Waybill take his place for a few gigs?"

    Only if Colin heads up The Tubes for a bit, in full theatrical regalia, complete with 12" platforms...
    And don't forget, Fee Waybill's false penis which used to spring out of his codpiece during The Tubes's centrepiece, "White Punks On Dope". Could Colin pull that off, I wonder? Maybe he'll want to experiment with the idea at Cargo, it is a warm-up gig after all.

    Obviously this ages me (but no more than Wire [thank you God for creating context]), but I was a 17-year-old working at Hammersmith Odeon (now the Apollo) doing seating for all those gigs where Wire supported the Tubes (and how fucking incongruous was that), while regularly popping down the road to the Red Cow to see Wire sans those flashbomb-enhanced monsters.

    Life was odd back then. Of course, everything makes sense now.
    Glenn you talk as if you were an 'old man', and even if y'are it doesn't stop one from having a sense of humor.
    as for replacing Bruce with 'someone else', didn't they already do that, and hasn't she proved she is more than 'up to the task' of playing with a group like Wire? Rock on Tommy ............ Ari (who was born a zillion years ago)