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    Erm, my name is Glexn, for one, Ari. And two, while I'm not as old as three parts of the current Wire, I'm 48, which is old enough, and have retained what can sometimes pass as a sense of humour - even if you aren't quite getting it, me old mucker. Does the lack of a second 'U' in your spelling of 'humor' hint at the old (and not always accurate, by any means) American/irony problem thing? Do I detect a colonial cousin? If so, congratulations on your having recently found a differently packaged president, always worth a throw in times of trouble. We tried a leader without a penis once, warmonger bitch - yes Tony, I mean you.

    Whatever, to make things perfectly clear (I hope), I do realise that Ron Asheton, before his death, was not in line to replace Bruce Gilbert, nor is Slash, nor is Colin Newman likely to wear a fake codpiece with a protruding artificial penis at Cargo - although that would be a sight worth seeing. And for the record I saw Wire with the very capable Ms McGinnis at London's Scala latish last year, so I am relatively up to speed on that front. Hopefully she will still be in the line-up for this tour, she did an excellent job, I thought.

    Have a nice day!
    66 is the new 66 Ari! How old is Colin, anyways? Yes , yes, I know I could look it up, but while we're on the subject of birthdays ...

    And how cool, Obama even has a J-Lo abbreviation type nickname! Maybe he will become Afrikka Bomb-Bama one day!
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 22nd 2009 edited)
    to quote from 'everybody loves a history'
    Name Colin John Newman
    D.O.B 16th September 1954
    Place of Birth Salisbury,Wiltshire
    moved to Newbury when he was seven..............
    which makes him one 54(geddit?) year old man
    "And don't forget, Fee Waybill's false penis which used to spring out "

    Um, Ur,
    I think Colin wiuld have to be assured that any French stage divers who break his penis have to buy him a new one!
    Thank you Ari, your 'math' and wordplay are an inspiration. Has Snoop Doggy Prez nuked anyone yet?

    And thanks B. Hell, I momentarily forgot about Fee Waybill's false penis. What a rogue! Him, Colin and Wendy O. Williams eh! Bet they'd have had some fun with false penises, blowing up cars and shit! Even moody old Bruce might have raised a smirk at their off-the-wall antics! Or maybe not.

    Actually I did notice a W.O.W. influence on Wire at the infamous Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre shows, where a cooker was given some welly on stage. Not quite blowing up a Cadillac but hey. Never did get what the guy with the tights on his head and an orange in each foot of the tights, which he would swing 'wildly', was all about. At that point, after a good few years of following the band fervently, I felt that I had truly bonded with Wire, I was at one with them - I, like them, had totally lost interest in what they were doing and didn't give a fuck any more to the point where a little break was in order.

    A thought: I wonder if Fee Waybill's false penis merely flops out and dangles limply now? And does viagra work on polystyrene?
    I think we can all forget about Fey Waybill's fake penis.
    I am young enough not to have been troubled by The Tubes, I suspect I am not missing out.

    Glexn, Viagra Jokes and a very lame Obama're not Jim Davidson are you? I thought Emerson Lake & Palmer were more his bag?
    Alexander - once seen, never forgotten. Seen several times, scarred for life. But hey guys I can po my face and stroke my chin with you too! I will not mention it again. I will become a thinker, a ponderer, a man worthy of your respect, for this matters to me.

    But Jim Davidson and ELP ... nah, no need to ponder that one too long, obviously not within your pool of reference young Swimmer. Unless there's a Skrewdriver remix called "Fanfare for the Common White Man" ... cunningly repackaged as "Fanfare for the 'Populist Comedian'" by JD's spin doctors.

    As for Obama gags, the whole thing's a sick joke as far as I'm concerned — which, by the way, makes me a political cynic rather than a fascist of any kind, outright or Davidson-closet by nature. I spent too much time fighting with those fuckers at and around Rock Against Racism gigs to allow that little psuedo-insinuation to slip through without comment Swimmer.

    But, in my studied opinion, American politics is scripted by the same cokeheads (my allegation alone, not the view of this site) who write the series 24: The first series, years ago, had a black president, then we had the black president's younger and more aggressive brother (is there a Bazooka Obama?) and finally we "evolved" to the new series and a woman president! Hey Hilary, it ain't over yet ...
    are these posts related to the german or to the austrian gigs ?
    Nope, definitely off subject by now - somebody 'in authority' should remove anything that is even slightly tangental in nature. I hadn't realised but this is a serious (of snakes, ho ho, I'm such a card) site and I have lowered the tone. I wish to make a new start, making only serious and on-topic comments featuring Wire song-title puns.

    Yes biccio, I wonder what width the stage will be at Fluc?

    is it really so serious ? from my side i was actually joking. you can write about what you want, even about such pornographic topics like the current financial crisis if you like. there will be somebody closing the thread anyway when it goes too far.
    daresay matey : - )
    Given that this forum is increasingly used as a resource for news outlets and things like Wikipedia, if we could drag this back on topic and use this thread for discussion about the upcoming European gigs, that'd be great. Ta.
    but what about news items and wikipedia items that are music related Craig? something we're all interested in surely.
    I'm talking about this thread specifically, not the forum as a whole—after all, there's an 'off topic' section that was created for non-Wire chat.
    you see glexn ? it didn't take too long :-)

    but somehow i agree with Craig on this one. it's an official site after all.
    and, back to topic: has anybody an idea on how the setlist will look like ? roughly the same as the last concerts or will there be some surprises ? i found the Scala gig a bit short, btw. i wouldn't have minded a few more songs.
    I thought the length of the Scala set was pretty good—it was about 70 minutes including encores.

    In terms of the tracks to be played, I've no idea, although it wouldn't surprise me to see some other old tracks brought back to life. Personally, I want to hear and see Underwater Experiences in London.
    well, in normal cases the 70 minutes would have been enough. but it was the first time i saw them live after twenty years and i flew from Germany to London to see that gig, so i would have liked a few more songs. just my egoistic point of view :-)

    never mind. i'm planning to see 3 concerts this time, so..

    i would like a crazy about love redux of roughly 7-8 minutes. but i guess it will be extremely unlikely.
    Indeed biccio :-) I was just indulging a rather extended silly mood. Which I will no doubt do again at some time. But I agree, time to get back on topic.

    It would have been nice had the Scala encores not been songs already played earlier in the set. I understand Colin's rather sanctimonious (disguised as mock-sanctimonious?) "we're Wire, we won't play your favourite song badly" statement, but I do think a band with Wire's extensive back catalogue should be able to play different material during the encore - it's only a matter of rehearsal which, at the end of the day, is part of the job. Having an extra three or four songs — or failing that, a Fee Waybill false penis — in your pocket isn't too much to ask, is it?