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    I've always loved that video—inspired lunacy. Quite a contrast to Colin's surprisingly sedate video for Not To (complete with beard).
    This was my first proper contact with the world of Wire when shown on OGWT. I still love it - video AND music. Anybody know the story behind the video? (my copy of ELAH is 'elsewhere' - can't remember if it's covered therein).

    I've often wondered is that the vague sound of somebody stifling laughter at the end of the track? Hope so, it sounds like it was an absolute ball to record
    Bloody Hell (copyright 2008) THIS SHOULDA BIN CALLED aAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! ....................
    The 'Lyrics' Ian -the lyrics...............
    Ahhh! (or aAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! .................... ) I see! You know, some of those bellowings sound like they begin with consonents. I know Newman always played down the lyrics on A-Z as just mouth noise (except Alone which is Lewis - and superb to boot), and the lyric sheet on A-Z lists B as 'no lyrics' but I wonder...nah! probably IS just bellowing
    Would love to have seen a viseo for S-S-S-Star Eyes, which I also absolutely love!
    I think at one point I had the lyrics on Wireviews listed as "A... B..." and something else that I forget. Colin ended up suggesting that the track is effectively an instrumental when I asked him for clarification on a bunch of tracks.
    I always interpreted the second exclamation as "silence!".
    One of the best songs to shout along to that isn't written by Killing Joke!

    I think Colin screams, "No!!!!!!!!!!!!" at one point.
    In fact the video for "B" was part of an art show which started in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and toured ending up in the Musée d’art contemporain in Montreal where I saw it last October.

    Here's what I wrote about the video to the show's curator -

    Although we used a “proper” director for the video (Rob Smith who was “frontroom”) actually the ideas were pretty much mine. We spent half the budget on making up the oversized Wellington boots which were my starting idea (along side the souwester). Various people either assembled their own kit & costumes or used what we provided (masks, piano shield etc.) The “drummer” is obviously Rob (his then girlfriend wore the horse’s head), Desmond Simmons had the aforementioned piano shield, Slim Smith (now the designer of “artrocker”) was the freaky keyboard player, Mike Collins (Wire’s 1st manager) was the guy in the penguin outfit. The kids came as a job lot :) Basically this video pre-dates MTV and the only place you might have got an kind of music video on was on kids TV (Saturday morning TV at that time was pretty anarchic courtesy of the infamous “Tiswas”) so the basic idea was that the video should have that “lunatics take over the asylum” quality that kids have when they are going crazy. I suspect also that the deep origins of this one were also in a plan I had with Slim (who I was at college with) to re-do the cabinet of Dr Caligari on a bucket full of speed in the college canteen. Of course we never did it!
    Oddly enough, B is now available on iTunes, for the princely sum of £1.29, along with the, er, less successful Not To (with bearded Newman). Funny that these are up, and yet Wire's Mute videos remain just out of reach.
    The first time I saw the "B" video I was on the floor laughing in stitches. Pure craziness.
    And this was shown on Saturday Morning Kids TV wasn't it? When I saw it on the 'Free Speech...' video it looked strangely definitely has that Tiswas vibe and you expect the phantom flan-flinger to emerge at any moment. Despite being a rather unusual piece of music and hardly an obvious choice of single, with the video it would have made perfect sense in a madcap kids TV context.
    wasn't it noel edmonds swop shop? also it got shown on OGWT
    Was this really ever shown on kids TV??? It leans a little too far towards nightmarish for the littl'uns. Definitely OGWT though - the first time anything Wire related ever caught my attention. I know Ubu's Waiting For Mary was on that video vote thing they did on Saturday Superstore - about as left-field as I ever saw kids tv get.
    i never saw the noel edmonds showing but folk on the IC list swear it happened. i saw a grainy vid of B recorded off OGWT complete with annie nightingale intro once , so that definitely occurred.
    I don't think this is 'too scary' for kids, I also think this piece is a little Cure-esque.
    Yes it was definitely on Swopshop but not on Tiswas (which i was gutted about :)

    scary? You obviously never saw the kid who did "Bright Eyes" on Tiswas!!