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    On the idealcopy list there was/(is? it seems to have died recently with barely ANY posts) a custom for some of us to post totally off topic stuff, like the death of (fill in the blank) or a link to an interesting news site/item.
    I miss this on the forum so..........
    here's my first 'link' for some who may be interested, Demonoid ( a bit torrent site I use to download t.v concerts from other countries as well as here in the u.s of a} is currently 'open for registration' (a rare event, so apply now)
    also it was, generally, a custom to let folk know what, if anything, we were listening to at time of posting something by, e.g typing n.p, (now playing) Barry Manilow's 'worst of', as I'm not listening to anything right now I'll let someone else kick this off.
    Happy new year everyone. Ari
    "On the idealcopy list there was/(is? it seems to have died recently with barely ANY posts)"

    Usually goes quiet this time of year, PF forum has been pretty quiet too. It'll be back.
    This from the idealcopy list:
    on the (current) president:
    Just joined the Idealcopy list. Not got time tonight to browse much of the archives tonight, but
    look forward to doing so over the weekend.
    Its all happening. Kraftwerk 'Split'!
    The Wire 'Daytrotter session' shall be available for free download for a week starting Monday 12th jan. to grab it sign up here:

    Still available straight from the source (with no sign of it vanishing) here:
    I listen to the Daytrotter Session every night in my car on the way home from work. Mysteriously the four tracks end at precisely the same moment I pull into the driveway. Robert's hi-hat obviously has an influence on my driving driving speed. Daytrotter is one of Wire's finest 'objects' too. Can't get enough of it.
    .>> Can't get enough of it. <<
    It IS good, shame they only recorded 4 trax, I'm wondering was this due to time restraints or because that's all they 'wanted to do' nice to know they're still available on the daytrotter site.
    Best version of Silk Skin Paws, hope they still play that one as it wasn't in the set on the last European trip!
    erm, well, um, let me think now.......NO!
    This from the I.C:
    had my eye on that since the new year - still not released here either!!!
    according to the above item is being 'published' July. (at least here in the useless states of america)
    I,ve pre-ordered it a while back. If it is half as good as Wilson Neate,s book, it should be
    a cracker.