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    Interesting nod from Al Jourgensen (Ministry, etc) from 2004 in the "Chicago Music Guide" - too bad the interviewer is clueless:

    DK: What would you deem to be THE most influential band of all time in any genre?

    AJ: Good question, I'd have to say a tie between Wire and Neubaten.

    DK: I am actually not familiar with them, I am sorry to say.
    Never mind Neubaten, you'd be surprised how often I tell people my favourite band is Wire, only to be met with blank looks or at best a vague flicker of recognition of them being "a punk band".
    Never mind Neubauten? oh come on!!! regretably, i only got into them a couple of years back, but my they make an awfully handsome sound! from their edgier early stuff (Halber Mensch is awesome), to their more more laid back latter lp's. Pretty damned good live as well! great band ably led by sometime Bad Seed, Bargeld!
    Einst├╝rzende Neubauten is among my favourite bands (after Wire, Dome etc.). Lucky enough to have followed them since 1983, when i bought their Drawings of Patient O.T. Seen them live several times with all different line-ups.
    I like most of their records and they are still very very good live. Or i might say they were since they more or less don't exist anymore.
    [edit] :-)
    "... i'm always suprised how relatively popular Neubauten are in England. when they play there they fill bigger places than Wire do.."
    have they disbanded since Silence Is Sexy? I only saw 'em on that tour, so gutted i won't see 'em again.

    Biccio - I kinda know what you mean re venue capacities, but i don't think EN are that 'bigger' than Wire. Wire played a packed Scala - 1000 capacity; EN played the Kentish Town Forum - capacity over 2000, but far from sold out.

    as much as i liked seeing Wire in the Scala + Cargo (nice venues & never been to either b4) i reckon they could easily sell out bigger venues. having said that - as long as i get tickets i ain't bothered!!!!!!
    Neubauten have done a "supporter financed" record two years ago, called Alles Wieder Offen, and in 2008 a tour to promote the album. Since then they have not officially disbanded but are in a kind of hiatus with each member working on solo projects and no current plans for doing something together on the short term. Especially no plans for recording a new record, which for this band is always a very long process that takes months and months. Maybe a short tour next year for their 30th anniversary, but not sure.
    Alles Wieder Offen was after Silence? well i got that as well & 'tis a cracker! & that'll be when i saw 'em then!!!! ah well - i lived without them 'em for 27 of those years, so a bit longer won't matter!!!
    You misunderstand me Garage Band. I wasn't saying there was anything wrong with Neubauten, I like them too. I was saying that I've come across many music fans who have only a vague knowledge of Wire never mind Neubauten who are far less well known than Wire.
    aah - profuse apolgies old bean!

    it's a shame how blinkered some people are. the other side of the coin is that many people, despite calling themselves music fans, only know what they like or certain genres. i gotta include myslef in that as i know next to nowt about, say, jazz, folk, boy/girl bands. i also find that younger music fans (even teenagers) know more about 'alt' music from days gone by than many others of my/our age!

    i'm an ocassional contributer to the Horrors forum & am always amazed that when i throw bands at 'em from 70/80's (Wire, EN, Suicide, Sounds, other not so well known punk & post punk bands) that many of 'em know what i'm on about! so there is hope over all the tat in the charts!
    Psychedelic Furs update:


    Sept 08 / CHICAGO, IL / House of Blues
    Sept 09 / MILWAUKEE, WI / Pabst Theatre
    Sept 11 / BOULDER, CO / Boulder Theater
    Sept 12 / SALT LAKE CITY, UT / In The Venue
    Sept 14 / SEATTLE, WA / Moore Theatre
    Sept 15 / PORTLAND, OR / Crystal Ballroom
    Sept 17 / SAN FRANCISCO, CA / Grand Ballroom
    Sept 18 / LOS ANGELES, CA / Club Nokia
    Sept 19 / ANAHEIM, CA / House of Blues
    Sept 20 / SAN DIEGO, CA / House of Blues
    Sept 22 / LAS VEGAS, NV / House of Blues
    Sept 24 / AUSTIN, TX / Stubb's
    Sept 25 / DALLAS, TX / House of Blues
    Sept 26 / HOUSTON, TX / House of Blues
    Sept 28 / ST PETERSBURG, FL / Ritz
    Sept 29 / FT LAUDERDALE, FL / Revolution
    Sept 30 / ORLANDO, FL / House of Blues

    Oct 02 / ATLANTA, GA / Masquerade
    Oct 03 / CHARLOTTE, NC / Amos' Southend
    Oct 04 / NORFOLK, VA / NorVa
    Oct 06 / WASHINGTON, DC / The 9:30 Club
    Oct 07 / PHILADELPHIA, PA / Trocadero
    Oct 09 / NEW YORK, NY / Roseland Ballroom
    Oct 10 / BOSTON, MA / House of Blues
    Oct 12 / COLUMBUS, OH / Newport Music Hall
    Oct 13 / DETROIT, MI / Royal Oak Music Theatre
    Oct 14 / TORONTO, ON / Koolhaus
    Oct 15 / MONTREAL, QU / Olympia de Montreal

    This is the complete list of dates for this tour. If there are any changes to the schedule, I will post them on the site and send an announcement to the mailing list!

    To chat and check up on any news, please visit the message boards at BDD:
    Interesting Site: (don't look if you're 'religiously offended')
    Happy Mondays 2009 = Shaun Ryder sitting on the drum riser and contemplates his various ongoing lawsuits, Bez on Marracas, and several pony-tailed musos and a Pro-Tools rig fail miserably to capture the original swaggering council estate funk of the original band. Boo.
    NU Unruh vs Bez?

    Both Neubauten and Wire redefined the idea of experimentation in music, but in many wys it could be argued that Neubauten are more redical.

    Psychedelic Furs are regressive Bowie copyists and the Mondays were way less clever than Tony Wilson though. I always liked waht Mark Smith said about them: If you're smart you don't go bragging about all the drugs you take!

    That's before he accused them of ripping off his shirts and jumpers... Lock Up Your Hats!
    ..... not sure if you've seen or heard of this already, but it looks very interesting!

    "LOOPS" a bi-annual music BOOK from Faber in conjunction w/ Domino. Heaps to occupy you on those interminable subway/tube/bus/train journeys.

    I prefer to walk these days!
    All the way to Barcelona!
    For Wilco fans:
    one of my favorite radio shows (wait wait don't tell me) guaranteed a laugh or three:
    talking of t.v concerts, I am looking for a copy of Beck w/Flaming Lips who played together on Austin City Limits 2002, anyone have that on DVD?, can't find my copy. Ari
    have the boys had a sex change?