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    What was that?
    God. I'm trying really hard not to get sarcastic here.
    What was that? It was one the sound of 'the point' whizzing past you Alexander. Missed again.
    pink flag – it’s so obvious, the commercial
    chairs missing – x
    154 – x
    the ideal copy – over theirs
    a bell is a cup – follow the locust
    ibtaba – eardrum buzz
    manscape – life in the manscape, stampede, patterns of behaviour, where’s the deputation, what do you see, goodbye ploy
    the drill – arriving/staying/going, a berlin drill, did you dugga, a chicago drill
    the first letter – footsi-footsi
    send - x
    object 47 – hard currency, patient flees
    Pink Flag - Feeling Called Love
    CM - From the Nursey
    154 - can't decide (not a Black Flag cover)
    D&E - can't decide
    Snakedrill - Up to the Sun
    Ideal Copy - Ambitious
    Bell is a Cup - Finest Drops
    IBTABA - Eardrum Buzz
    manscape - Life in the manscape
    Send - Being Watched
    Object 47 - Are You Ready?
    Pink Flag- Feeling called Love (it's the way Colin over accentuates the half sneer on the word 'love', grating!)
    CM- at a push it would be "sand in my joints", Graham's straining.
    154- one of the experimental pieces on the added ep.
    Document- Piano tuner ( could have been any one of a half dozen!)
    Ideal Copy- feed me
    Bell is a cup- Public place
    IBTABA- Illuminated
    Manscape- haven't heard it yet (looking forward to making my mind up whether its masterpiece or masterfolly)
    Object 47- Patient flees
    disclaimer: not to say that any of these songs are completely lacking in merit, just my current stance.
    I can never say I'm 'just tired of them ' .A good tune ( I Am The Fly) is a good tune no matter how many times you listen to it.
    You are a luckier man than I.

    Unfortunately I often "wear out" great music, but that's OK, for it lets me move on to something else for a while and come back to it later with a fresh ear.

    Yes, I Am The Fly is a good tune. Even if I'm tired of it.