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    I've just learned of the sad death of John Martyn.
    The man was a huge influence on me in the early 70's. In fact at college I was known as the guy who had turned everyone on to "Solid Air" a fact that was reminded to me by an old college friend who turned up at Wire's show in Sydney in 2004. I was lucky enough to meet him once, recently at the 2008 Mojo awards, he was in fact the only person in the room who I made a deliberate effort shake the hand of! I gushed my fan boy lines to which he replied "so it's all your fault is it?" with a smile.. Couldn't have come up with a better riposte myself!
    Yes! John Martyn RIP.
    solid air was my fave for yonks, he shall be missed (by me at least) turned on many an American to his music, though i know there are one or two here that can't stand him.
    may he rest in peace, I feel as if I'd lost a friend.
    I bought Solid Air when I was about 20 and loved it. I bought a couple of other Martyn albums afterwards, but neither touched me in quite the same way as this one. May You Never was the track that everyone seemed to go on about back then, but it’s the title track and Don’t Wanna Know About Evil that really did it for me.

    Still do...
    If you 'do a google' on John you'll get 9 million, five hundred and forty thousand pages, talk about WOW!
    Very sad. Solid Air is in my Top 10 LPs. Don't know if I'll be able to listen to it for awhile.