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    Lux Interior passed away this past weekend. Cramps were one of my all-time favorite live bands. every show was total pandemonium, thrilling mix of punk and rockabilly.
    Saw them open for the Clash at the Palladium 1979. Great show.
    Absolutely GUTTED! I saw 'em a few times bvack in the day & luckily saw 'em 2 years ago. He'd never lost any of the energy of his former self & i had no idea he was as old as he was.

    In the great scheme of things, i don't think he'll be greatly missed (wasnae pop, no hits etc), but he left behind him some great music & gigs.

    Still every cloud has a silver lining - Ivy's free & single?!?!?!?!?
    Great comments below on BoingBoing! I think Lux would love this:

    "Someone go check on Iggy"

    "High class culture all over the place"

    "Bring guns"
    You ain't no punk, you punk.