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    Picked up The Snakes 7" single from 1976 featuring Robert Gotobed on vocals.
    Can anyone give me some info on the band?? What was their total output, was Robert a
    permanent member etc?
    St.Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. He said: "You'll never play here again!"

    I'll get me coat.
    Old style R'n'B band, formed by pub rock stalwart Nick Garvey in 1975, in between Ducks Deluxe and The Motors. Rob was the vocalist (!) Garvey is the dumpy looking bloke in the white suit (as opposed to the cool frontman dude in the leather jacket!)

    A couple of other Snakes tracks featured on a compilation album called Light up the dynamite.

    The Snakes made a cameo in the Rough Trade documentary on BBC4 last week - the camera at one stage pans across the wall of 7in single sleeves in the RT shop, passing over the Teenage Head cover. 1.5 seconds of fame!

    Just managed to get a copy of the single. The B-Side "Lights Out" - is such an identikit rock'n'roll number it's amazing that anyone can claim authorship on it!
    The A-Side is a Flamin' Groovies cover - and Nick Garvey roadied for the 'Groovies. They give thanks on the cover to a band who also feature on "Light Up The Dynamite" - Shakin' Stevens and the Sunsets - the same Shaky pre-"Green Door" and "Oh Julie" fame.

    For anybody playing the "Six Degrees Of Seperation" game it's surprising to know there is such a small trajectory between Shaky and Wire!
    Easy to scoff now I know but Shakin' Stevens and the Sunsets were apparently a great live band!
    It's a tall order but I'll give it a go. I've been gazumped twice at the last minute (literally) - in trying to buy a copy of "Light Up The Dynamite" on ebay. It hasn't been up there at all for a while now - and isn't selling at either. Anyone here have a spare copy they wish to sell - or could someone direct me to where one is for sale?
    Managed to get a copy after all