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    quite right Keith. not Exactly the same thing, but awfully close. But, the implication is that if there hadn't been a willingness to explore said abundance of new ideas since the 1960's (a preposterous statement in my view) then the interim period, 1970's
    was somehow creatively tepid. i happen to think just the opposite.
    Harkening back for a moment: One of Reynolds' main points at the beginning of Rip It Up is that the early and mid '70s were *not* the cultural wasteland that many punk/Oi!/hardcore/grunge-aligned ideologues have made it out to be. If more than maybe two of the people posting here had actually *read* said book - which, however you may feel about the period itself, is highly informative and a damn good read to boot - then this whole line of patter would have been put to rest much earlier.

    Which, in essence, it was. Pardon my revival. I need the intrigue.