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    Wilson Neate - the book was fantastic.
    I am re-reading it.
    Yes, it is a great read. In the middle of it just now.
    I liked it. read very quickly. the last chapter is probably more detail than i ever wanted to know.
    It has a sad ending. Yes.
    For those debating whether to buy it, I'll add my recommendation (for whatever it's worth). I wasn't sure what to expect and feared something fan clubbish, but it's a very strong piece of research and analysis. I was never fully persuaded by those who said that "Pink Flag" wasn't punk, but Neate's analysis of both the punk scene in 1977 and the album itself have me convinced. Despite surface similarities, the approach and intent of "Pink Flag" was utterly beyond what everyone else in the punk scene were dreaming of. The final chapter, as others have mentioned, is a hell of an incisive bit of analysis as to where things are at for the group, both now and in terms of legacy (perhaps not a true "pick a side" challenge, but damn close). A fantastic job by Mr. Neateā€”it's a relatively short book in terms of word count, but it's a lean and muscular work that deserves your support.
    I was a bit sceptical of this since I'm really bored by the "Punk History" aspect of Wire (I think witnessing John Robb interviewing Wire last year finished me off!) and it seems odd to me to choose Pink Flag as sort of landmark, particularly as 154 for me is the one that deserves "a book". While I love Pink Flag, what they did after that and what they did the 80s and now is far more interesting. Dr Medulla's review has sealed it for me though so I'll go and get a copy!
    ....154 for me is the one that deserves "a book".... - gotta agree with that!!!!
    Agree. Maybe Wilson Neate can already apply to write also the one on 154.
    Great book. I rarely go back to Pink Flag (prefer CM and 154) because I spent so/too much of my youth listening to it. It's an aural artwork not just a collection of songs. I always thought it was musically uncomplicated, great and unique sound but straightforwards. I learned that the apparent simplicity and 'cleanness' of the sound was in fact the result of enormous effort and talent and my (already high) opinion of Mike Thorne has skyrocketed.

    I got a lot out of the last chapter, it's important. It explains to some degree why Bruce has removed himself. The reason is very poignant, for Bruce, PF was a piece of art created by 4 musicians + Mike Thorne. It made sense to credit the songs to all of them. To Colin, a song has a space next to it for the composers of the words and music and that's how their contributions are recognized. The shift from giving credit to wire as a whole to the more traditional words/music credits that now appear on PF was a matter of artistic principle for Bruce.

    It's difficult to come down on any one side really. I learned that the creative processes wire employed were very different from traditional methods and were very influenced by their artistic sensibilities at that time. But music and its sales and marketing are a business proposition and these two don't make good bedfellows. There seems to be no way to officially recognize contributions other than words/music despite their effect on the words and music.

    Bruce's departure has removed his artistic (and musical) influence and left wire a bit more like a traditional rock group.
    Irrespective of the musical pros and cons of that, could they have survived any other way?
    Just bagged the last copy Amazon had (I trust they will be ordering more in the evil, vast underground lair), looking forward to reading it. I guess they'll be re-ordering. As for Mr Neate applying to write the 154 book, has any band actually managed two in the 33 1/3 series?
    not yet from what i've seen so far. and to be honest i doubt wire will be the first one to manage it.
    I'll add to the chorus of approval. Essential reading, and at the moment its the only Wire book in print so get it!

    I'm particularly impressed at the list of interviewees and sources, and by how much the author got out of Robert Grey! Roberts contributions are really quite illuminating. Its funny how little micro-details I've never noticed stand out like a sore thumb for different band members...Colin is annoyed by a bit of reverb on the Snare drums on Reuters, Robert is still irked by the Maracas on Lowdown etc.

    Its hardly a piece of gushing fanboy text either and doesn't shrink from a bit of negative criticism especially about the issue of the writing credits. The changes to the 2006 re-issue credits certainly passed me by and I don't recall it being a discussion point on Idealcopy at the time.

    I hope that Paul Lester's book is as well written and researched on the rest of the band's career.
    Sounds like a terrific book--I'll have to order a copy. I'm particularly intrigued by what everyone has said about the final chapter.
    This of course makes it a little difficult to discuss the last chapter without 'giving everything away', terrific little book imho, kudos to Wilson.
    Maybe Bruce had had enough of Wire by the time the 'issues' arose and felt it was time to concentrate on his own work. maybe not, shame he left but, as I'm fond of saying, the only constant is change, without it we all stagnate.
    talking about "..concentrate on his own work..".
    has Bruce done anything recently, alone or with somebody else ?
    Bruce is completing work on his album for Editions Mego. He's also doing a 7" for Touch.
    Can't wait.
    That is great news.
    I've just ordered 'Acid in the Style of David Tudor' by Hecker from Editions Mego on the strength of this review. You have to hand it to they talk a good sales pitch. I love the fact that the eMego website advises that the album should not be played on headphones.
    I wasn't gonna bother with this book - more than anything, i thought that a volume this 'slim' can't contain much noteworthy, but reading your reviews prompted me into a purchase. How wrong was I!!!

    The extent of the in-depth analysis with the bands own quotes (always a good thing) was pleasantly surprising & opened my eyes as to how much thought Wire put in2 the album (&, i'm sure, all their work). I always knew there was an 'art' side of Wire ("'s so obvious..."), but after this read that percentage has risen somewhat! & that's not necessarily a bad thing when it's done inteligently & not just for the sake of it.

    & yes, as stated, it's such a shame that Bruce felt he had to 'remove' himself for such a typically 'rock' reason. Tho' he did state that it was the 'last nail in the coffin', so i guess all wasane hunky dory b4 that!

    I've just finished it so can't wait to get home & play Pink Flag whilst referring to each trax chapter!

    The only downside of a book of this incisive quality is that I/you/we want similar books, not only of all Wire's catalogue, but all the records held dear!