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    i only ever saw Spizz once & have only the excellent Where's Captain Kirk/Amnesia 7", but they always kept moving on & making challenging music.

    to celebrate 30 years since Capt Kirk's release, they're playing 100 Club on 14/5!
    Got quite a lot of their stuff in my collection. Sure I have Spizz oil, Spizz this and Spizz that??
    Did they not change their name after every 7"??
    Need to search them out.
    I love that Capt. Kirk single. Praise be to Peelie for bringing it to my attention. Multiple monikers were: Spizz Energi, Athletico Spizz 80, Spizz Oil, The Spizzles.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Spizz was noted for an annual name change policy which ceased when the Guinness Book of Records failed to recognise Spizz's claim that he has recorded and released the greatest number of recordings under different names. "Too Specialised" was the response of the then deputy editor, Shelagh Thomas, who nevertheless confessed to owning "Where's Captain Kirk?". American stadium rockers R.E.M. (who started their band in the early 1980s) have recorded a version of "Where's Captain Kirk?", which they gave to the fan club members in Christmas 1992."
    From WCK onwards they became a sort of novelty wacky new wave cabaret turn, butt the two SpizzOil singles (6000 Crazy and Cold City) and the first Spizzenergi single (soldier Soldier) are pretty essential. SpizzOil was just a drummerless duo - vocals and guitar. Soldier Soldier is a proto punk-funk classic.

    I saw the Athletico Spizz 80 version in Blackpool, supported by Department S, which must represent a peak event for that particular strain of nice new wave zaniness.*

    Spizz more recently has been the face of Cherry Red TV, which has been broadcasting sundry old videos from the Cherry Red catalogue on a UK satellite channel called Rockworld. Spizz, you'll be delighted to learn, is a as wacky as ever, if a little broader of beam.


    * If you think this is just me being cynical, it was actually a rather good gig.
    I can see what Mark means about their angle but I must admit I've enjoyed what I've heard and he 80-81 era. I'd vouch for it in their particularly athletic musical arrangements if nought else. Try them and see (if you don't mind the crackle of vinyl);

    'Do A Runner'

    'Spikey Dream Flowers'

    Ian - that looks a great site! thanks for the heads-up!!!!
    Coincidentally, I bought the 'Where's Captain Kirk?' best of CD quite recently - it is rather good....
    Saw them twice in 2008 and they are really good live. The only downside is he supports Aston Villa !!!
    he went to solihull school , posh public school about 100m from where i work. apparently spizz and swell maps were classmates , who'd have guessed it was so rock n roll round there (or that the rough trade roster was so posh) ;-) p