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    Wire? play the Camden Crawl? shurley shome mishtake!?!??!?!
    i don't think it's a mistake. it's been reported in the last days by so many internet sites. bunnymen, wire & billy bragg have been added to the line up of camden crawl.
    maybe swimhq can confirm this ? i would start reviewing my plans for April if it's confirmed :-)

    and btw, this looks pretty official:
    YOWZA! excellent - they'll have to be playing the Electric Ballroom! (edit) Or The Roundhouse, obviously!!!

    any1 know how Camden Crawl tx work? d'you have to buy a £30-odd 'pass'? or can u buy individual gig tx?
    24th April at Camden Electric Ballroom has been confirmed. Unfortunatley as it is part of the Camden Crawl, you have to buy a day tckt for £32 or a 2-day tckt for £52 & queue up & hope for the best!!

    personally, as much as i'd like to see 'em again, i CBA!!!
    It is a bit disappointing to have to pay £32 for the day and still not get a guaranteed place for the band that brought you there in the first place. Not going on that basis. Shame, it would have been good if at the Electric Ballroom after 29 years :(
    From the organisers:

    "We sell tickets for the capacity of the festival. Wire are up against Echo & The Bunnymen and The Enemy on their time slot, so I don’t anticipate you having any problems getting into the Ballroom if you arrive early."

    Aah so it's a competition with Wire apparently not seen as favourites.
    that's my problem - "...if you arrive early...". i don't wanna spend 2 hours in a venue b4 the band i wanna see. on the surface the Camden Crawl & others (there's one in Brighton this/next month) are a good idea - as long as you don't mind who you see. if you make a point of trying to see partic bands - yer scoobied!!!!
    Yeah sounds like an event best enjoyed for what it is rather than to see a specific band, same as any festival where you may not get into the right tent at the right time.
    This is more about people who wouldn't normally go to a Wire gig stumbling across them (literally) and hopefully enjoying it.
    If you only want to see Wire and aren't fussed about seeing Joleen and the Jing Jang Jong, Lemon Pylon, Winklepicker and The Hoxton Haircuts etc. then I'd say sack it and put yr £32 toward a Ferry to Dublin in June.

    I hope they pull more punters than The Enemy though (Wretched, Tesco-Indie version of The Jam)
    I Know it was a back-handed compliment, but i didn't even expact that towards The Jam on this site!!!! Personally, i've always liked 'em!
    Who? The Jam or The Enemy?
    Jam. Enemy are, er, poor!!!!
    Big Jam fan Garage band as well.My mate actually still runs a fanzaine for them.
    Remember Weller raving about "I am The Fly" and how different it was to the crap that was eminating from the rest
    of the new wave explosion. Weller was always a soul singer and never denied it either.
    Some anorak could maybe tell me if they played together at a gig Support act in the late 70,s??
    "Weller was always a soul singer and never denied it either."

    I liked the Jam a lot but calling Weller a singer, let alone a soul singer, is pushing it rather!
    Alessi's Ark is playing Camden Crawl.
    the jim jones revue is playing camden crawl either.
    apart from Wire it's probably the only concert of the friday i really want to see.
    Talking about Weller, his dad and manager until recently, John Weller has died to day.
    I heard that Wire had a huge crowd. Did anyone go? Setlist?
    the electric ballroom was packed. but absolutely no problem in coming in since the enemy and echo&thebunnymen were playing at the same time, so the big masses probably went there to make the queue.
    i was already in the ballroom for the previous concert and while they were preparing the instruments i made it easily to the first row.
    they were only allowed to play 45 minutes, with no encore. so it was a short gig but very good. i particularly enjoyed i don't understand, boiling boy and pink flag. so did the audience, or at least it looked like. but at a festival like that you can never tell whether it was the music they enjoyed or whether they were just totally drunk ;-) (part of the people probably both)
    anyway, despite being short it was a real pleasure to watch them play in front of a large audience, on a big stage, with a great sound and a good lightshow. wish they had been allowed to play a bit longer.

    the setlist was, as far as i remember:

    Advantage In Height
    Mr. Marx's Table
    Agfers of Kodack
    Silk Skin Paws
    The 15th
    One of Us
    Boiling Boy
    106 Beats That
    I Don't Understand
    Underwater Experiences
    Pink Flag

    i'm not 100% sure about the order.

    PS: the camden crawl is a weird festival. it really seems to be more about the drinking than the music. and although there are some 80 bands playing, the way they make the timetable you'll never be able to see more than 3 or 4.
    45 mins? not Wire's fault, but blimey, i'm very glad a didn't spend £35 then!!!!
    just to see Wire it would have been a bit pricey indeed.