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    I went to Asheville (just over 200 miles away) to see Wilco play Wednesday eve, ticket were $35 and they played a sizzling 2 and a half hour set.
    that's value for money.
    45 mins is about normal for a Festival appearance isn't it? The set list looks like a good compressed version of the current Wire set with all bases covered for maximum impact. No time for a slow burning piece like 'He Knows' just bang 'em out! No time to warm up, Straight into Comet!
    45 minutes is short even by regular festival standards. We were a bit gobsmacked when we found out! The idea is that every band in every venue starts & finishes at the same time giving 15 mins or so to make the next gig. That's the idea in theory, in practice it mainly seems to be about drinking & queuing... That notwithstanding the "set selection" seemed appropriate to the event, longer on power and shorter on finesse than a regular gig might be....... Strange to be there after almost 30 years though.
    Speaking of the last wire appearance at the Electric Ballroom, an event I sadly missed due to having been put off wire for 6 months in late 79 by hearing 'I am the fly', anyway back to the point, this art extravaganza received reviews at the time along the lines of 'no one is doing anything like this'.

    I've read little bits and pieces about it but never a proper insiders view at length about the aims, the implementation and the results. The recording is remarkable for its diversity and the great collection of new material most of which was never properly recorded or released. It was a real creative and artistic high for wire. It also contains the funniest moment on a wire recording
    when the MC's request spot was used to request 12XU after which he said 'What can you say?' to which someone in the crowd replies 'Fat cunt'.

    Oops, the MC then says 'Well, you can say that....'
    Well, it was a short gig but the band never waste any time so I was quite happy. Yes, it was expensive but, hell, I wanted to be there and am glad I was.

    Travel to London worked out quite well for me this time so the actual cost was no more than another gig where I've had to get an expensive train ticket instead of, say, sharing a car.

    I can't understand anyone being put off Wire by I am the fly - it's always been one of my favourites but rarely gets performed live.
    Same here. Glad i was there.
    Got the chance to travel to London and sleep there without having to pay anything, so it was really only the price of the festival for me. 32.50 for 45 minutes sounds expensive , but i saw three more gigs additionally to Wire. And the Wire one was very good. I have spent more money for having much less fun in other occasions.
    Now Dublin is next, i'm planning to be there and see a full gig again.
    yeah, Dublin is good. Dublin + Wire will be GREAT!!! shame me mates don't fancy - boring, stay-at-home bunch that they are!!!
    was the wire performance filmed? i ask because MTV2 is showing some "lve at camden crawl" shows in the next couple of days.......
    no. i guess it was not.
    as far as i remember mtv was only filming the shows at the roundhouse.
    which was the yeah yeah yeahs and a few others.
    how boring, just shows mtv don't have their 'ear to the ground'
    Actually it did get filmed (as did ATP as part of a German documentary about the 80's.... don't ask :)) which reminds me that i must chase up the company that filmed it!