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    I thought some people on this forum with an interest in improvised music and the Dome end of the Wire spectrum might be interested to know that I will be making my UK debut this coming Friday, the 27th of March.

    I can't make it, but good luck!

    Hmm - "cabinet of curiosities"!!! the mind simply boggles!!
    good luck Fergus, hope it's packed
    Thanks chaps !
    Too far for me, Fergus, but hope it goes well.
    Top marks there Fergus, is that Max Eastley as in Toop & Eastley? In the words of Nigel Tufnel, do a good show alright?

    Makes me wish I was a Larndan-ah and I could go. I hope some of our clientele in that there London Village will go and find out exactly what is in your cabinet....
    Thanks Keith & Tim... yes, that is indeed Max Eastley as in Toop & Eastley...