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    Just found OCSID-Open Sweeping CD in Oxfam.I nearly screamed when i saw it sat there.
    Cant understand why someone would give it away,but im glad they did
    I see Ocsid have their own Website now, weddings are their speciality....
    I would love to go to a wedding where they play Opening Sweep...
    I've got to DJ at a wedding this year so feasibly that could happen. It won't, because it would be utterly ludicrous and uncalled for. 'Teenage Kicks' will about as leftfield as we'll get.
    First couple of minutes of KEY WEAPON ikmf would be nice. Seriously though, I'd love to go to a wedding where something I remotely liked was played. Afraid I'm in the "My Way/Amarillo/New York New York/Birdie Song for the little'uns" milieu as far as that sort of thing goes
    At my wedding i played Our Swimmer with my band. Not all the guests liked it, but hey it was my wedding so everybody had to live with my choice :-)
    They've been lucky i didn't decide to play Catapult 30 instead, which had been my first idea.
    A very fine choice of cover version!

    We do seem to get asked to DJ at birthday parties and weddings quite a lot (without actually asking or volunteering our services..."you've got loads of records and some decks can you do us a disco?").

    You do have to stick to party favourites, but usually we manage to get through a night without playing anything truly worthless and awful. There is always Chic, Talking Heads, Donna Summer, old Motown stuff, 80s stuff like Human League an Heaven 17 even things like Buzzcocks etc which will always do the job. It would seem Black Lace have passed into obscurity now and would clear the dancefloor in these more enlightened times.

    But definitely no NYNY, and as for f**king 'My Way' omg! That is fingernails down the blackboard matter whether its Frank or Sid that is total aural vomit.
    Heh. Black Lace.

    We were only vaguley aware of them over here via an appearance of the Agadoo video on Max Headroom - the original talk/video show (they'd run it occasionally on cable), before American television co-opted Max into a failed dramatic series and various cola ads.

    Somehow Agadoo popped into my head recently and I thought "what the hell was that all about?" Did a little research.

    I had no idea it was so big there. I had imagined it was some novelty that the Max Headroom producers had dug up from some dusty video vault.

    Allow me to extend my condolences for your pain and suffering.
    More facts about Black Lace. One of them had a penchant for under-age girls, and they hail from Osset in West Yorkshire (the home of David Peace and setting for his grim novels, which explains a lot).

    And news just in, according to their semi-literate Wikipedia entry:

    "In 2009 is it (sic) reported that Dene Michael and Colin Gibb are to reunite Black Lace with a new re-recording of there (sic) hit Agadoo".

    A Dubstep version perhaps?
    Twelve times you 7" was on E-Bay last week for £4.95 + postage!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was a buy it now option as well!! No bidding needed.
    Obviously the seller didn,t realise its potential value. Was going to buy it as a spare, but was
    to slow in making up my mind.