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    So c'mon guys and gals, other than Wire gigs, who have you seen/who are you seeing on the concert circuit?
    I have tickets to see Wilco on April 21 and might go see Elvis Costello June 4.
    I saw Animal Collective last night. It's fair to say I was rather underwhelmed.
    I think they're marvellous but its a bit odd seeing them now that they've been the recipient of so much hype & press adulation.

    The album is quite startling polished, poppy and coherent by AC standards but they tend to be a lot looser live. I dareseay if you went along expecting them to sound like they do on that record it would be underwhelming.

    Usually they do a 'Wire' and play the songs from the album after next, or indeed play songs that will never get recorded although I think on the current tour they've been behaving themselves and plugging the current one.
    saw Animal Collective in NYC a couple of months ago. I totally enjoyed it but left wanting a bit more..........

    Have tkts for 2 shows in April by Throbbing Gristle, one show has some sort of experimental film playing, another with the original Suicide. Might go see a Deep Noise thing by Lou Reed + Ulrich Kreiger, not sure yet. also going to the No Fun Fest with Sonic Youth headlining. gonna check out the Damned ! who are playing in may (1st brit punk band i ever saw).......can still remember it actually.......and might check out Ghost, experimental Jap-noise, also in may. Art Brut is doing a 5 night residency in june, but the club, mercury lounge is a kind of smallish backroom(there will be sweat!), so not sure. also the Dead are playing on monday. wouldn't pay top dollar to see them but the shows are free. just submitted info to a lottery.

    Fatissey, i mean Morrisey, has been playing all over NY/NJ the past couple of weeks. new album is getting great reviews here in the colonies and he seems to have a pretty rabid following. not my thang, but here are some pics, reviews, comments, setlists:

    also a few weeks back i was at the opening of a new art gallery, Not Fade Away, that specializes in rock photography. the show featured the photos of the first manager of the Beatles and Stones 64-66. not great technically as a lot of the work was soft focus, and in some cases out of focus, as well as just plain flat, but there were a handful of amazing shots of a young Mick Jagger. fab party, partly sponsored by Bulldog Gin, plus some amazing brit style cask conditioned ales.
    I think the Animal Collective LP is OK, but nowhere near as good as some folk make out. It has its moments, but ultimately I'm feeling that I should enjoy it more than I actually do! It's certainly not a patch on the Panda Bear album.

    I just thought they were totally unengaging live, which wasn't what I was expecting at all. TBH I'd have preferred them to sound altogether looser than they did. A bit of heart and soul wouldn't have gone amiss either.

    And watching a bearded bloke with a torch on his head, nodding and shaking like some post-rave equivalent of David Gray, was not my idea of entertainment either! ; )
    for the most part i agree with your AC comments, Keith. Post Merriweather does quite live up to the hype, but it does have its moments. the show i attended, at the Bowery Ballroom, is an intimate space with fantastic sound. the crowd was totally into it,
    grooving and dancing to the music. i saw them 3 or 4 years ago when they were indeed a bit looser and a lot more jammy. some though it was just noodling, but i thought they were killer shows.

    i dug the whole set, but one of the highlights for me @ BB was indeed 'comfy in nautica' from panda bear's Person Pitch. still a very unusual band with a very unique sound!
    Starsailor 9th April.....Specials 11th May.......Spizz Energi 14th May........Alternative TV / Fallen Leaves 16th May.......... Throbbing Gristle 17th May . All in Londinium.
    Camera Obscura April 25 Sheffield. Apart from that no other gig.
    Used to like just turning up at the barfly and seeing whos playing, but its now shut.
    i see that Colin is curating this year's Sled Festival in Calgary, Canada. also doing a benefit this saturday 4/11. on the bill will be punk band Fucked Up which got a glowing review recently in (of all places) the NYTimes.
    The best shows I have seen this year are Primal Scream and Black Mountain.

    Looking forward to Leonard Cohen, Vetiver, Tv On The Radio, and Throbbing Gristle.
    i don't know how many of you are Throbbing Gristle fans. i had heard of them but wasn't familiar with their records. up until last thurs. they hadn't played ny since '81. their show in fort greene, brooklyn was appropriately weird and more than a bit disjointed. doors were to open at 6pm (very early for ny) but fans were left standing in the cold for over an hour because the band hadn't finished their soundcheck. the staff at Scenic, the promoters, were basically indifferent. TG came on at 8pm and
    played a full set of the soundtrack "in the shadow of the sun". nice ambient drone piece, beautiful ebb and flow. here's where it gets a bit weird: they stop playing and sign autographs in the auditorium for an hour. quite a few people leave and don't come back. at 9pm a piece (w film projection) by bruce mcclure is played that sounds like an ode to a car alarm. as sonic art i
    didn't think it was all that great, and for most, along with the signing it was a momentum killer.

    TG finally comes back out at 11pm (5 hours after fans arrived) and played a dark bleak mix of industrial noise and techno rave. i thought it was excellent, but was on a bit of a low energy level at this point and didn't enjoy it as much i might have otherwise. i have to add the the full house lights were on the entire set! even though TG band asked the manager to kill the lights he refused. (he's the same asshole who was fired by Sonic Youth, i believe.) quite a few fans were dancing and swaying to the music, but i find i focus more on the performance when only the stage lights are on. Scenic got a lot of complaints about this show. TG was great, they still sound fresh, but had it been better organized it could have been quite special.

    for your viewing pleasure some "Discipline":
    My Bloody Valentine at the El Rey was great.
    didn't go the Lou Reed 'night of deep noise' (tho i know c.c. dug it). reviews were mixed. if it hadn't been LR i don't think anyone would have gone. both shows were only half filled. decided to check out some new bands last night at the 'no fun fest' in brooklyn headlined by Sonic Youth. the whole thing for the most part was a pretty dreadful affair. so many of these 'experimental' bands sound like hollywood special effects machines tarted up to be avant-garde noise. nice sonic sculpture created by Yellow Tears, esp the guy who made a racket playing a piece of sheet metal. not quite music, not quite noise. the other 5 or 6 acts were nothing special at all.

    better still was the final U.S. show by Throbbing Gristle a couple of weeks ago. Gen was in fine form esp on 'hamburger lady' and 'almost a kiss'. the band really clicked for me at this performance (unlike the 1st show). anyone going to the shows in london or scotland next month?

    last, but not least, was this thurs. gig by the Damned. band was hot as fuck and Dave V still sounds amazing. they opened with rousing versions of 'love song', '2nd time around' & 'anti-pope'. they then played 'new rose' and the crowd went mental. high energy and moshing thru out the entire set. extended versions of 'ignite' and 'neat,neat,neat'. great 5 song encore incl 'curtain call' which they don't often play and the expected 'smash it up' to end the show. THAT'S how you do it! LOL. odd that this wasn't an esp punky looking crowd. lots of old folks like myself (ha), but none of the young kids were dress to kill. a bit strange actually. my, how times change...........

    btw any reports of the Dolls show at the 100 club this week? anybody go?
    The NYD's played the 100 Club this week? how the fu, er, hell did i not find out about that in time?!?!?!
    I am joining the Kills/Horrors tour tomorrow for the last three dates. I am tour managing the opening band Magic Wands. We'll see how that goes?
    i'm sure u'll blow 'em off stage - Colours is really quite dull. which is a shame cos i felt Strange House held much promise!
    It's a little different. I'll probably get tired of it at sound check.
    F*CK!!!!! i'm not a great fan of theirs, but in a cosy li'l club like they'd've been great!! v disappointed that i missed that one!!
    nice review of the Damned (+ the Bellrays) from their boston gig. always felt they were a hugely under rated band in the U.S.
    also what i really like is that they play a different set each night.