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    Last saw The Damned a couple of years back. Time I saw them again methinks!
    Psychedelic Furs U.S tour:

    June 6 / FOXBOROUGH, MA / Showcase Live
    June 7 / FARMINGDALE, NY / Crazy Donkey
    June 8 / LONDONDERRY, NH / Tupelo Music Hall
    June 9 / FAIRFIELD, CT / StageOne
    June 11 / ANNAPOLIS, MD / Rams Head On Stage
    June 12 / ATLANTIC CITY, NJ / House Of Blues
    June 13 / MONTCLAIR, NJ / Wellmont Theatre
    June 14 / ANNAPOLIS, MD / Rams Head On Stage

    July 19 / BENICASSIM, SPAIN / Benicassim Fesival
    PF has really some good songs. always liked richard butler's vocals. i have to dig the vocals to get into most kinds of modern music. that's the reason i don't like a lot of electronic/drone stuff and esp jazz. might check out the Montclair seems everybody and their brother is doing electronic/drone/ambient stuff these days. so much of it sounds like horseshit. how much talent does it really take to twist knobs and play samples? obviously some guys are better at it than others, but at last sat. No Fest Fest to me most of the groups were just doucheing around.............

    here's a review of Green Day's show ( one of several in small venue this week):

    my niece just burned their new CD for me, 21st Century Breakdown. haven't had a chance to give it a good listen yet. it's getting quite good reviews tho...........
    Green Day are playing small venues in NYC? i notice they're playing the O2 over here which is a 22000 seater air hanger (albeit a 22000 seater air hanger with very good acoustics)! i didn't think they we so popular over here. nor do i understand WHY they're so popular over here!!!!
    they're a pretty good rock n roll band..............
    matter of taste innit! to my mind they're just another boring pop band! still.....vive la difference!
    Green Day are the musical equivalent of a dog being sick in your face.
    We're not talking Jack Russell size here either, are we.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeMay 23rd 2009 edited)
    woof woof.(bet ya don't like Wilco either)
    Not really. I don't hate them, but they don't hate really do it for me for some reason.
    they are one of those bands you hafta see live (seen em 4-5 times) like grateful dead you just won't 'get it' unless you do.
    "Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has suggested that his band's forthcoming UK arena tour, set to kick off in October, could last up to four hours long. The frontman told Rolling Stone that the band were inspired to match lengthy gigger Bruce Springsteen for their forthcoming shows. He said the shows could last "anywhere from two to four hours long. We want to give Springsteen a run for his money. I think his longest show is maybe five hours, I think Green Day's got six!"
    Look forward to seeing Green Day, the jam band.
    free studio download from the Damned from the recent U.S. tour:
    Thanx fb, downloading it right now.
    saw Esoteric + Jarboe on monday..
    where was that gig biccio? give us quick review - i'm thinking of seeing 'em in London next month!
    Thanks for that, Freakbag. There's a good Dark Asteroid there (my fave track on the new album).
    I saw The Prodigy.
    Going to see The Wild Swans in July. Never seen them before so looking forward to that.