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    Last Saturday afternoon in The National Gallery in Dublin, in a brief respite from the blistering heat, I saw a truly remarkable performance of Messiaen's Visions De L'Amen, played by two young Irish pianists with such supreme confidence, passion and precision, it left me reeling as I stumbled out afterwards, blinking into the sunshine. What can I say ? Life affirming stuff... electrocuted I was transformed. Meanwhile, eagerly awaiting a concert of an entirley different order next Saturday...
    Saw Half Man Half Biscuit at the Glasgow Arches a couple of weeks ago. They've got a rich back catalogue that's well worth investigating. It's not all Dukla Prague, Trumpton Riots and Dickie Davies Eyes, you know.
    Any 60's garage PF'ers at a loose end tonight? get along to South of the Border, Old Street, Shoreditch for 2 great bands of that ilk!

    I saw Dandy Warhols.
    as good as the albums?
    are the albums good ?
    i only know the vodafone song.
    DIG! (it):

    great documentary about the DW's and Brian Jonestown Massacre (who were arguably the better band):
    A lot of people just go see those bands based on the film.
    i've got time for both those bands, but the film soooo bored the pants of me that i turned it off after about 1/2 hour!
    Punilux: Kilburn Luminaire 12/6/09

    Fantastic night, I saw the 4 core members perform together again having last seen them in this form 26 years ago. From the IC list, there was IanB, Sean Wainwright + friend whose name I didn't catch.

    Don't think there's much of a Punilux contingent on the Wire list but for all those that don't know them, they have a classic album from 1979 called 'Laughing Academy' that is essential. They have a sound all of their own.

    Miniscule club, not full but well filled. Apparently the gig hadn't been advertised for reasons explained in confidence. Ian and I met with all the members in the pub opposite beforehand and had a really good chat with Jimi Giro who was very friendly and a great character.

    A few choice tracks from Laughing Academy including Radar Bug/Metropolis, British Baboon, the title track, Puppet Life as well as a new one and some other choice selections including Jellyfish and Brainbomb.

    For me, the best music to ever come out of Geordieland. :))
    Throbbing Gristle, girls. Wednesday night there, Glasgow Tramway.

    Incredible, it has to be said. Although it has to be said it's a little disconcerting to see TG looking so, well, normal (Genesis excepted, naturally) and playing what was effectively a Greatest Hits set (in the second half, anyway). Bit like Wire, to that extent - I do like the aesthetic rigour of not pandering to your audience and challenging them to digest what you're playing, even if they've never heard it before.

    Still, they're a fearsomely potent band.

    Before that, Little Boots last month. She's quite good. I do like to sample all the meats of our cultural stew.
    i saw both of TG's shows in NY in april. I thought they were quite good, but not exactly "fearsomely potent". it was more like seeing a museum piece- fascinating, odd, and enjoyable all at the same time. they really didn't rock me until the end of the set, but still Genesis is a unique, talented individual - quite the showperson and most entertaining. i literally bumped into Gen on Lafayette Av in Brooklyn while he/she was speaking on a cell phone before the show. seemed like perfectly normal person to me. (2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, etc).

    as far as challenging the audience, i think that's fairly commonplace nowadays. most intelligent bands do that, don't they?
    Bat For Lashes was really good.
    Polly Scattergood is opening for B for L's at the Roundhouse, and for Amanda Palmer @ Union Chapel Sept. 12
    I took my girlfriend to see Bat For Lashes in Cambridge a few weeks ago. Not my cup of tea but pretty good nonetheless. And just to belatedly add my voice to Uri's Punishment Of Luxury call above, they were indeed on exceptionally good form. Excellent gig! And most pleasant having a drink or two with Uri and Jimi, and Sean who we homed in on due to his telltale GIT t-shirt.

    The Luminaire's a pretty good venue too.
    I thought Polly Scattergood's album was not good enough to waste the electricity on a second spin.

    After the Arbouretum gig, I thought that a good idea would be that bands should stipulate in their contracts with promoters the minimum amount of time they wish to have to perform. After the gig the singer of Arbouretum said they'd have liked to play another song but the venue wouldn't allow it. The problem was there were 4 bands on the bill. There should have been 3, allowing Arbouretum an hour so that the people who paid to see them and only them could get their fill. Pontiack also played what seemed a short set, but at least the other 3 bands that night were excellent! Ciaran at Wotgodforgot always gets a good bill together.

    I am getting sick of smaller gigs where the bands just don't play long enough. Arbouretum told me they are capable of playing for two hours. To have travelled all the way from the USA and be told they can't do an encore is an insult as far as I am concerned. The weak little emo band that preceded them should've been cut short or dropped from the bill entirely. The sound-woman at the Night and Day was in agreement with me that Arbouretum were much better than the other bands and that three would have been enough.

    Four Days of Thrills!

    From July 29th to August 1st I listened to 29 performances in 7 venues at 5 gigs in 4 days. Arbouretum were my favourite band of the lot, and James Blackshaw was a revelation. The nicest venue was St Margaret's Church for the last Hedgefest on Saturday. The smelliest was Retrobar on Wednesday, until Earthless played and some evil lawbreakers broke out their dope and disguised the stench of vile cleaning chemicals.

    In order of appearance:

    1. Boanthrope
    2. Sycamore
    3. Pontiack
    4. Earthless
    5. Claude Werner Quartet
    6. Richard Wetherall
    7. Mathew Robinson & Maxwell Sterling
    8. First Circle
    9. Taara
    10. Crooked Rooks
    11. I Am Mechanical
    12. With That Knife
    13. Arbouretum
    14. Easter
    15. The Lucid Dream
    16. Crocodiles
    17. Olivia Moore's Quartet
    18. Grenville Harrop
    19. Wig Smith
    20. Sampson & Delilah
    21. Advances in Mathematics
    22. Ivan Campo
    23. The Random Family
    24. Hannah Peel
    25. Burning Leaves
    26. Colorama
    27. John Smith
    28. Nancy Elizabeth
    29. James Blackshaw

    August Gigs in Manchester:

    3 Easter - Ruby Lounge
    6 Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides / Infinite Light - Islington Mill
    6 Webetheecho - Saki
    15 Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides - Darren's Cryptic Basement
    16 Oneida - Islington Mill
    18 Gang Gang Dance - Tout friendly Deaf Inst.
    20 Wooden Shjips / Gnod - Islington Mill
    24 Soulsavers - Ruby Lounge
    29 Magazine - Bridgewater Hall (tuxedos & top hats out!)
    29/30 Rowf Rowf Rowf - Islington Mill
    the Damned!!!

    Art Brut + Tiny Masters. Eddie Argos is a bit of a (pudgy) goofball, but a great frontman and the new songs "art brut vs satan" ain't half bad either.

    In Hunter (free outdoor show). still delivers the goods. kick ass r'n'r. new one 'man overboard' is not great, but decent enough.

    next week: Animal Collective + Black Dice....................
    You lucky bugger, I'm a late convert to Art Brut just in time to miss them playing anywhere near here.

    Be interested to know how the Animal Collective gig went. They used to do a 'Wire' and only play stuff off some future unreleased album, but last time I saw them it was all the new album plus a couple of "oldies", great stuff but I kind of missed the randomness.
    I saw the two Wild Swans gigs the other weeks.

    I posted my reports on IC, but if you didn't read them there and you want to they're tarted up slightly here.
    Two truly great evenings!!

    (Ratings out of 7)