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    Hmm, I have a Cash CD I got for a quid which I have never played. One of my friends has more CDs and records by him than any other musician!
    well, he did quite a few albums in his life :-)
    but i'm talking more about some songs on the CDs he made with Rick Rubin the last years before he died, rather than the old country Cash.
    the NIN cover version, a great version of Bonnie Prince Billy's "I See a Darkness" with Bonnie Prince Billy on background vocals, Nick Cave's "The Mercy Seat"..
    He also recorded Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" together with Joe Strummer. But i was not so impressed by that one.
    Two weekend word of mouth gigs:

    Tom Long of Easter, who also plays keyboards for Lone Lady, was at the Stranger Son of WB gig where he told me he'd be playing a solo set at a poetry night. Paradox is free to get in, so being a Saturday night it was full. An acoustic guitar singing duo played earlier, whose name I didn't catch, and lots of poets spoke. My favourite was the funny poem about the rubbish folk song.

    Ed the bassist of Plank and FTSE 100 was at Fuel for The Noise Upstairs (another free night) and told me FTSE 100 were playing at Saki on Sunday. Saki is one of the many venues that the hypocritical bureaucracy shufflers at Manchester 'Nuclear Free' Council have attempted to close down due to 'excessive noise levels.' These are places that rock bands play, so excessive noise is essential. The Night and Day and the Kings Arms have also had problems with these quota filling buffoons. It seems it only takes one sensitive paranoid junkie creep or one arrogant yuppie to whinge to the council and an ugly expensive army of enforcement agents on the verge of nervous breakdowns, servant drones and police who'd be better occupied dealing with more serious matters start wasting tax money that obviously isn't being spent on keeping the streets of the city clean judging by the fact that I can fill a carry bag with metal cans on almost any half hour walk.

    Last time I walked home from Saki the police had cordoned off the streets of Moss Side. I guess the reggae had got too loud for the new Hulme gentry?

    This time all was quiet until I got to the bar. I'm glad I made it without being blown up by knife wielding terror gangs, as I had a jolly good evening listening to the intricate instrumental post-funk of FTSE 100, the bowel rumbling hardcore metal blasts of Manatees and the exquisitely elegant guitar, violin, clarinet and quiet percussion of Tartar Lamb. Tartar Lamb were a last minute replacement for Kayo Dot, as the original plan for that band to tour Uncool Britannia was scuppered by tedious bureaucrats who we'd be better off packing onto a spaceship and sending to Mars where they might find some more useful work to do. Two musicians from Kayo Dot had been refused entry to this grimy coke can splattered isle by Her Majesty's Moustachioed Bozos for not having the correct bits of paper. We should end border controls and let all people travel as freely as birds. It's amusing to see our chubby Scotch Labour dictator floundering on the repulsive ID card fiasco and the retro eighties Trident trick after that slimy toad Bliar fooled him into dealing with his mess after the rat jumped off his ship heading for an iceberg. Anyone who votes for that smarmy no policy hoodie hugger Cameron should be aware that the tories always hide some nasty little surprises up their sleeves. Prisons for profit? Lets make WORK PAY! Green economies? Lets tell people to turn off the telly! Sorry a lot of them are too thick to work out how to do things like that. Maybe lock them up and force them to make nick nacks for tourists like they do in China? No better still, send them down an African mine to slave unto death to give us free chips in our mobile phones so that we can all carry on twittering inane claptrap, and keep the trouble making economy running.

    The three musicians of Kayo Dot who did make it in weren't going to be stopped by these wreckers of civilization and custom, as they had another band up their sleeves! So the headline was switched to Tartar Lamb, and anyone in Manchester the City of Music Hype where American musicians are not allowed to play by law, has to travel to Europe to see them. They were kind enough to guarantee that anyone who wanted to do so would be put on the guestlist.
    On the Fifteenth I returned to The Mill.

    I'd been planning to go see Irma Vep and Tuneyards at NQ Trof but a last minute TXTMSG from Ed Plank to let me know his band were playing changed my mind. Plank were sandwiched between the grooving octet Mind On Fire Band and a duo from Portland, Oregan called AU who combine manic drumming and bell ringing with soaring singing, flat guitar sliding and keyboarding to make an indvidual popnoise. I hadn't been too impressed by their songs on the net at

    but they were excellent in four dimensions, in the flesh.

    Accidents Never Happen!
    18 Teen Sheikhs, Former Bullies, Waiters, The Whole Voyald and Infinite Light at the Mill; at the end of the evening I got to listen to side one of Chairs Missing through a big PA.

    19 FTSE 100, Plank, Serfs and A Wake played in a house on Portland Crescent.

    20 Part Chimp, Hey Colossus, Dethscalator and Apes Fight Backed rocked The Mill. A review should soon appear on their website.


    Part Chimp gigs
    22-Sept Stoke on Trent Fat Cats
    with Kong & Ox Scapula
    23-Sept Liverpool Static Gallery
    with The International
    25-Sept Glasgow Stereo
    with Divorce
    26-Sept Nottingham The Art Organisation night
    with Souvaris
    27-Sept London Corsica Studios
    Last night Hot Bone rocked Fuel and the night before I enjoyed three bands I'd never heard before at Saki:
    The Death of Her Money, Ox Scapula and Amateur Assassins.
    i saw Hugh Cornwell a couple of weeks ago @ the Highline Ballroom and thought it was a fantastic show. the new stuff sounded good and the old stuff was excellent. lovely version of "duchess", nasty version of "peaches" and rip -roaring versions of "walk on by'', "hanging around" and down in the sewer". HG played some brilliant guitar, looked completely sober, and unlike a lot of guys his age didn't need a teleprompter. the drummer was hard hitting and didn't miss a beat, and the bass player, a very bouncy, energetic young woman both looked and sounded fab. over all a really great show.

    only one prob tho: only about 100 people in the audience (& that incl security & barmaids!). as the Highline is a 600 capacity venue w excellent sound it was really surprising to see such a low turnout. what's HC's reputation these days in the UK? sellout a
    5 or 600 cap club?
    pink mountaintops
    Alexander - with the greatest respect, is there any chance, when responding to the new music and concerts threads, you could offer us a smidgen of commentary or bare description ? I've no idea if those name-checked are interesting and worth pursuing, which is the whole point of the thread.
    I second that Fergus. Come on Alexander this isn't 'Twitter'!!

    A Certain Ratio were terrific tonight at the newly re-opened Band on the Wall. They've messed around with their sound and style over the years but have now settled back on what they do best which is supercharged, brassy propulsive funk workouts like Mickey Way and Knife Slits catch them if the come to your town.
    A Certain Ratio are the most tedious band to emerge from the so called post-punk era IMO. I'd rather catch Swine Flu (a great ditty by the excellent Tumor Circus).

    Anyway last night I enjoyed Chuck Prophet's two hour gig (more bands should play this long - or maybe they just don't enjoy what they do enough?). Lots of dual Crazy Horse style guitar duels and witty stage banter and a nice atmosphere despite not knowing anyone else in the room at all!

    The night before there were loads of bands on at Saki. Plank were on at 6pm and were fine as usual. Of the others I saw before rushing down the Deaf Institute to catch the excellently hilarious David Thomas Broughton and Twi the Humble Feather I guess Monsters Build Mean Robots did a reasonable homage to Sigur Ros and Young British Artists sound like the sort of band that might get very popular later?
    And here's one I gigged earlier:

    BOB LOG III Ruby Lounge 17.9

    Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six, (another the) Euchrid Eucrow and Bob Log III played some of that undead rock'n'roll at Ruby Lounge. Louis Barrabas' band brews r'n'r up with a cabaret element and frontman is a consumate showman, kicking legs high whilst strumming acoustic guitar and singing songs he says are all about love. One is about being cheated on by a girl called Mary. "Any girls called Mary here?" he asked, "No? Good!" His band is actually seven strong with a second singer, trombonist and a keyboard player who also straps on an accordian occasionally. Its probably a safe bet that they like Tom Waits and Nick Cave. I doubt they'll be bottom of the bill for much longer. As the evening went on rock'n'roll got more stripped down and rougher. Euchrid Eucrow are the second band I've seen who've lifted their name from Nick Cave's first book. This Eucrow are more Janglin' Jack, the ones who've released an album on Lancashire and Somerset Records are more Good Son. The drum guitar duo switch instruments after two songs and improve with the one in the AC/DC shirt on drums. Half as many people play in Bob Log III but he still manages to have band meetings where he quaffs beverages bought for him by men he mistakes for pretty ladies. This is probably due to the fact that his vision is impaired by the motorcycle daredevil helmet he wears. "I can't see shit, but I can hear you and smell you," he lets on between a couple of one man slide guitar garage blues rock rumbles. He made a memorable entrance and exit, walking on and off stage through the crowd playing guitar. His silliest song is about someone shitting on his leg, for which, against doctors orders he invites two ladies up on stage to bounce on his knee whilst he kicks hell out of his foot drum. He gives a quick lesson in songwriting, playing a riff that he likes and telling us all you have to do is repeat it 42 times. After he's made his getaway, still strumming backstage, "Repetition" by The Fall comes over the PA.

    After that I went to Furthur at the Star and Garter.

    I walked in to a soundtrack of "Cinnamon Girl" by Neil Young who was hogging the decks as we also got "Fuckin' Up" and "Lets Go Downtown."
    Amongst the records Nick of Golden Lab played were
    My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise
    Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva's Operation
    Come - Dead Molly (my request as they had Come on the flyer)
    Sonic Youth - Inhuman
    Mercury Rev - Song For Joey
    Dinosaur Jr - Out There
    The Horrors

    Good stuff.
    TV 21 next Saturday in Edinburgh.
    Alex - when you saw the Horrors, did they play just stuff from Primary Colours? Or was there some of the earlier, er, more lively stuff? I saw 'em a couple of years ago when Strange House was out & they were surprisingly good. Didn't like their new lp, so i gave 'em a miss this tour. Having said that, if i'd've been in NYC a day earlier next month, i probably would've gone to see 'em.
    Yeah. They did Primary Colors as the main set. Then for the encore it was three songs off of Strange House.
    I saw Thom Yorke.

    Thom Yorke played:

    'The Eraser'
    'The Clock'
    'Black Swan'
    'Skip Divided'
    'Atoms For Peace'
    'And It Rained All Night'
    'Harrowdown Hill'
    'Cymbal Rush'
    'Open The Floodgates'
    'Lotus Flower'
    'Skirting On The Surface'
    'Judge, Jury, Executioner'
    'Paperbag Writer'
    'The Hollow Earth'
    'Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses'
    next concert i will see: Wire :-))
    WIRE Apolo Barcelona last night

    No surprises, but an early attack of strap failure was quickly burnt into a hot boiling underwater experience.

    Rising Tides?

    Also I was lucky to catch a quirky gig from Vialka and Za on the day I arrived
    69 Years Too Late

    the 69th anniversary of the execution of the president of Catalonia by that bastard Franco.
    WIRE Apolo Barcelona last night

    No surprises, an early strap failure and a very good concert.