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    So biccio, are you the English guy I met just before Wire played?

    Madrid had a nicer venue with sharper sound and a very focused and dynamic performance. The Catholic guilt of Underwater Experiences had a very church like backdrop and if perspective hadn´t been invented Robert could have occasionally been wearing Graham´s bass neck as a hat. They played Lowdown at the start of the encore which wasn´t played in Barcelona.

    One of Us with Colin´s babba vocal loop, Pink Flag with siren loop and Underwater Experiences were the best I´ve heard them and Siouxsie´s Ma ¡ nta Ray turned out to be a great soundtrack for walking around Ma ¡ drid.

    I thought it was all over but outside the Joy venue an excellent Arabic group were playing in the Puerta del Sol which made up for missing the support band due to a change of venue. Ramdall had the wrong bit of paper for making a noise so they had to move Wire downtown away from the Egyptian temple on the hill.
    don't know if we met at all. i'm italian, not english.
    i was in the backstage after the concert before everybody had to leave to let that cuban band called "Guantanamo Free" come in.
    No then it was not you who I met.

    Anyway I think Puerto de Santa Maria was the best of the three.
    Great segue from He Knows into Pink Flag but no Lowdown Underwater 12XU
    It´ll be hard to top the amazing venues in that hot place.

    Now the sun has roasted me lobster red!
    In reverse (but there is no time):

    11 Domingo
    Alo Irhao

    10 Sabado
    Heavy Trash
    Daisy, Kitty and Lewis
    Josh Rouse
    Howe Gelb
    Dinki Timone Combo

    9 Viernes
    Los Coronas
    Paco Loco Trio
    Silver Apples
    Tokyo Sex Destruction

    Al Berkowitz Band
    Alex Ferreira
    The Magnetic Band
    Gentle Music Men

    8 WIRE in Madrid

    7 WIRE in Barcelona supported by The Lions Constellation

    3 Vialka and Za in Barcelona
    Here´s a funny web of synchronicity.
    October 9th was PJ Harvey´s birthday

    Joy is a PJ Harvey song and the Madrid venue was changed to Joy at the last minute.
    The only other gig I´ve been to in Madrid ws PJ Harvey at Summer Case.
    saw final performance of Teenage Jesus & the Jerks last week. Lydia Lunch was snarling in fine form, original member jim sclavunos robotically pounded away one his one drum and one cymbal, and the guy from the swans played bass. very short but intense set as expected. event was part of a 3 day fest that also featured Faust, Cold Cave and Pissed Jeans among others.
    I was quite impressed by a young (2 women) noise band called Talk Normal. Wire's song 'pink flag' was played just prior to TJ coming on stage. after the show Lydia told me she's a huge Lou Reed fan as well and that she just recorded Lou's 'kill your sons'. it's on her myspace pg if anyone cares to check it out.
    They did two twenty minute sets at the Nightmare Before Xmas last Decmber.
    I missed the first due to a clash with Butthole Surfers, but got on the barrier in front of Lunch who had a look on her face that seemed to say, why the hell do you lot want to hear this?

    Anyway they were excellent.

    At the moderate risk of upsetting an angry officious chilled out old hippy by typing more words, I forgot to mention the excellent Danish improv collective Shiggajon who made a great big multifaceted Noise Upstairs in Krobar, supported and helped out by my friends Kelly and Pascal of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, recently returned from living in Lyons (which was my first stop on Eurotrip). Dreamer's Cloth (ambient) and Mouths of the Irawaddy (noise) also played.

    Rocktober the Thirteenth:
    On Returning I had three hours to kill in London and during that period it was possible to ride the tube to Camden where Obits rocked the Underworld. Obits is the great new band fronted by Rick Froberg of Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu. Support was Tropics and I ran into my old friend Steve from Ricky Spontane who I hadn't seen since Wire played that trio of gigs at the Garage prior to instigating the Read and Burn series. Carla Bozulich's band Evangelista were also playing in E8 but I had no idea where the venue was. I'd missed their gig at The Mill as it was the same day I left El Puerto de Santa Maria, but it turns out she does a desperate vocal on the bargain Barry Adamson CD I acquired.

    The Fifteenth:
    Rambled across Plattfields Park to the Corner in Fallowfield to hear three damn fine post-rock ensembles roll out the jams. FTSE 100 supported tour partners Souvaris and Sincabeza who both played the best sets I've heard them do. I'm willing to bet a hundred quid this was a way more INTERESTING way to warm up for the Colin Newman & Tortoise session than anything Ari did that day!
    Maybe Ari spent the day earning a living, or perhaps relaxing at home, not worrying about how interesting his day might appear to a self-absorbed moron.
    Both the prison number dude and Ari Britt seem to have
    I am taking legal advice at this point.
    I suggest you take your Bitching to Craig Grannel and off the message board.

    And if Ari would like to write an erroneous biography about me, might I humbly suggest that he doesn't employ Paul Lester as a proof reader?
    Saw the final gig of MGMT.
    "Saw the final gig of MGMT." - they've split already? good news all round!!!

    Saw The Raveonettes in NYC least w/e. They were much better than on record, but they do all sound the same & I was rather bored after 5 or 6 tracks. Having said that, they'd already been blown off stage by support act The Black Angels, who, despite rather a dodgy sound, still managed a tip-top performance!

    It was my 1st visit to NYC & I wish I hadn't left it to so late in life, but I/we will defo return & defo be taking in some more gigs!! Bleecker Street is a record junkies dream! It's also a freaking nightmare cos you end up spending sooo much dosh!!!

    Freakbag - sorry, I didn't contact you b4 I travelled, but last week was hectic & I wasnae 100% healthwise, either. NExt time, man!!
    hope you enjoyed your stay GB. actually the only free time i had last week was the night you went to WHoM and i was at a book launch party for Genesis P-Orridge who, btw, is one of the nicest "celebrities" i've ever met. her book,30 Years of Being Cut Up, is pretty great too. she did a lovely graffiti like inscription in one book and an amusing drawing in another.

    yeah, the bleecker st shops are a bit pricey-- they're several in brooklyn that are a good deal cheaper.

    too bad you couldn't have seen NYC before it became the Mall of America. those were different times! change happens. whatever.
    it's all good. my only recommendation would have been to take a trip up the Hudson River (400 th anniversary of H.Hudson last month) and see the spectacular fall foliage.
    P-Orridge is 'officially a 'she' now? Can't keep up, me!!!

    Aye yer right there - i could've spent hours in 'em - partic Rebel Rebel. didn't really have time to spend in Brooklyn, but what we saw of Williamsburgh, we'd certainly return.

    We would've done the Manhattan 'full circle' boat trip, but we chose last Sunday for it & they weren't doing the full island tour due to heavy tides, so we just s=done the southern tip tour, but we saw all the reds, browns & yellows on the trip up to Woodbury Common where, much to my chagrin, i spent more than my mrs!!!!!
    P-O, yes, her preference is to be called "she" since her longtime companion Lady Jaye died 2 years ago. Gen has spent a fortune on surgery (& hormones) to look like LJ and i must say it's a remarkably good transformation. I find it a fascinating study of identity, gender, and behavior.

    yeah the Circle Line is cool. Next time check out Century 21 across from the world trade center site. amazing discounts on high end apparel.
    NOW u tell me???!?!?!?!??!
    yeah, like DUH!! (ha, ha) it's not like you told me beforehand!
    Sorry to interrupt boys! ;)

    I *didn't* go and see Bad Lieutenant tonight (Barney & Steve from New Order)...almost went but found something better to do.

    Apparently they did an acoustic version of Bizarre Love Triangle. A pointless exercise surely? The very concept of that is wrong on so many levels I am glad I did not witness it.
    Was this the Heaven gig? I woulda gone to that (my mrs likes Sumner & his new band) cos i really like the venue, small & intimate!! Saw KJ there a few months back - great sound too! I DIDN'T go in any of the private rooms tho'!!!! A mate of mine does & he says "you wouldn't believe what goes on in 'em!". The bugger wouldnae tell me what does go on tho - guess I'll have to use my imagination!
    I didn't go either.

    They did the acoustic BLT (and an acoustic Love Will tear Us Apart) on a Sky Arts show a few months back. Surprisingly effective, especially LWTUA, which was far better than recent New Order horror versions. "Looove... WOOH!! Loove will tear us apart.. C'MON!! again" at a million miles an hour with Hooky misisng his cues, etc.

    Oddly, I was in Hong Kong last year, staying in the hotel by the airport. In the bar there was a Filipino jazz/covers band playing, and their set included BLT, in a lounge style. And it didn't sound out of place at all.

    Heaven is normally a pretty hardcore gay club, so stretch your imagination that bit further abiout those private rooms...

    Heaven? Gay club? yer kidding me?!?!??!?!?!