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    An acoustic BLT sounds a great idea to me. It's such a fab song.

    Obviously it'd be better if it wasn't Barney singing...
    I am sad to say I missed the Buggering Brigadiers as I had to stay in and watch the laptop, although I had quite an exciting time of it. Has anyone heard the Copulating Corporals? I hear they are so radical they don't even do gigs!

    I'll try to contact the ghost of Ian Curtis to get him to sing for Barney's Bad band. I just pray that he doesn't read what Mr Lewis said about his lyrics in the Lowdown book that we all love so much.
    The Ex, last week. Excellent.
    Next week will be seeing Lydia Lunch. And the Tapeworm thing at Cafè Oto :)
    Off to see The Fall tomorrow night. They are playing tonight at the same venue, but 1 night will do.
    Enjoy! Saw them in Manchester on Tuesday and they were pretty excellent despite an annoyingly late start and managing to trip the venue power supply twice...Mark E Smith treated us to a keyboard recital while they sorted it out. Apparently the 2nd night after I went they were even better (typical). New material mostly, but they've some cracking new songs to play and the current 'group' is in ferocious form especially guitarist Pete Greenway (when MES hasn't turned his amp off)
    But you really never know quite what you're going to get...
    I saw the Vibrators last week. Possibly not many on here's cup of tea, but they were really quite good! Knox looked ill & wasnae playing guitar - i found out that he had had an accident, but more than that i couldn't find out. anybody have any idea what happened to him?
    Magazine were better second night too.
    The last two Fall albums are my least favourite ones by far.
    The Ex are always excellent.
    Oxbow, one of Lydia Lunch's favourite bands lanched a killer onslaught.
    The Nightmarchers were good rockin' fun.

    Any Lydia Lunch fans got any questions for her?

    I will soon be engaging her in querying intercourse via internet.
    Lydia mentioned to me last month that she is a huge Lou Reed fan and that Berlin is one of her all time favorite albums. seems like Lou has recorded stuff with everybody and his brother, but not yet with LL. Q: any chance Lydia and Lou will get together sometime soon and make beautiful atonal music together?
    prob one o the best gigs of the year noise or otherwise was last friday's performance by Text of Light featuring ulrich kreiger,
    lee ranaldo, christian marclay, and alan licht.they were part of Performa 09, a festival in nyc that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Futurist Manifesto (1909!). they played a live score to accompany the 1927 film (no dialogue) Berlin: Symphony of a Great City. also incorporated into the show were the recreation of the original futurist noise intoners--intonarumori-- which might possibly be described as sort of a hillbilly harmonium. weird, but appropriately so. sounded fantastic alongside the amazing guitar work by LR and processed sax of UK. the event took place on the Highline, a new park built atop a 20 block stretch of an old railway line. def worth checking out for anyone visiting ny.
    GG,I thought Flaming Lips had split up???
    You are out of touch aren't you? I thought you'd split up!

    Also I did hear and see (in reverse order):

    Teeth of the Sea
    Factory Star
    Sheikh Anorak
    King Fucking Cobra
    The Marder
    Joe Lally
    Sir Yes Sir
    Star Death
    Dan Sartain
    Ox Scapula
    Foot Village
    Mark Eitzel
    Franz Nicolay
    Thank You
    Daniel Johnston
    Yo La Tengo
    Blk Jks
    saw the second to last show of Performa 09 in ny's gramercy theatre last friday. program was sort of an overview of experimental music and while i didn't much care for the steve reich pieces, or john zorn's sax solo, the other artists on the bill more than made up for it. incredible guitar solo by arto lindsay- kind of like jimi hendrix on speed. nice work by lee ranaldo, but better still was his sonic youth bandmate thurston moore's avant jazz trio. to round out the festivities Genesis P did a spoken word thing backed by giant kettle drums and bryan dall's weird guitar noises.
    I will be seeing Motorhead & the Damned tomorrow night at Hammersmith. Can't wait.
    I went to see Hugh Cornwell's trio (whose names all end in 'ell) play an excellent 19 song set, followed by a 5 song encore and then went to see the whole thing again, and also managed to catch Worried About Satan in the middle. A good weekend I think.
    Peaches was good.
    you mean the music ?
    his whole set is normally good! never liked Golden Brown, but i liked Hugh's acoustic version.
    i think he means Peaches the canadian electro-trash singer.
    Peaches the Stranglers song is not one of my favourites, but at least Hugh has never ruined an Iggy Pop song. Actually Cornwell has psychedeicised Peaches and I prefer it in his new version.

    Best Cornwell song was Down in the Sewer. Nice to hear Straighten Out as a surprise encore.

    Last night:
    FREE gig from Nursing Home, Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra & Bomber Harris was a blast.
    Also environmentalists made a monkey of a council man at Nexus. The poor ol' carbon literate stooge was almost in tears before I absconded to Tiger Lounge!