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    Saw Broadcast in Manchester tonight. They have ditched their fantastic drummer and reduced down to a two-piece, and the promoters had sensibly billed this as an..ahem 'experimental set' so my expectations were low but I was very pleasantly surprised.
    For 20 mins it was just them noodling on fx pedals and synths doing more of a soundtrack to the spooky visuals, which made it all the more startling when Trish faced the audience, danced, and delivered some actual songs..even some old ones we knew! They did sort of de-construct themselves, in a 'Document & Eyewitness' type way and relied heavily on sequenced backing music but against the odds (and the overcrowded venue) they pulled it off. Nice to have ones expectations confounded.
    Saw Battles for the first time on Thursday last. Mightily impressed. Though I'd been aware of them for a couple of years, I'd only gotten round to getting a copy of Mirrored a few months ago, and was really taken with it. Very original and engaging sound. I like their approach - part ritual, part mechanical/mathematical, part prog, and a really strong groove that draws you in.

    They had a great stage presence too - relaxed, confident, having fun. Very infectious. Intrigued by the drummer's really high positioning of his only cymbal (apart from his hi-hats) - literally at full arm's-length reach. Visually strong. I like the fact that he's pushed right up front too. My photos can be seen here

    Also on the same bill were Amsterdam's finest - The Ex. Always an occasion for pure undiluted joy. Now with a new singer/guitarist (GW Sok quit this year after 29 years service), and a bunch of new songs, quite wonderful they were. They, like Battles, will be recording a new album next year, their first since 2004's Albini produced Turn. Actually, that's not true. They did an album with Getachew Mercuria in 2007 I think, which I still have to get around to getting a copy of. Went to get it at the merchandise stall after the gig, but only had a fiver ! Shite ! Apparently they'll be back in Dublin in early February, so not too long to wait... My photos can be seen here
    anyone going to see the PIL shows?
    Yep - Monday @ Brixton Academy!
    awesome! looking forward to your review. from what i've read it's supposed to be a "lengthy and varied set with a few surprises". my guess is he'll play some new shit and possibly some covers we haven't heard before. prob some guest appearances as well.........
    Just read some very favourable comments on another list, though he did warn that Lydon was pouring throat remedy down all night so that could be an issue later on the tour.

    It certainly was for Paul Simpson at The Wild Swans gig last week. He was definitely struggling. So, not as great as the July shows, but still great to hear those songs live. And if anyone liked there old stuff, they should definitely get the new single, Liquid Mercury. It's fabulous, as is the b-side.
    Read a very +ve review 2day - 90% of the set from 1st Issue & Metal Box - with a few latter trax thrown in - to make the earlier stuff sound even better i guess!!

    Make that TWO 4/5 reviews - Independent & Times
    Folk going to PIL gigs might be interested in this...
    not at those prices!! Mind you, the reviews i saw did say it was a TWO HOUR show! Nice to see that when so many bands these days consider an hour enuf & maybe 2 songs as an encore! So, maybe it's a dbl cd - still a bit steep mind!