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    Daniel Miller, Polly Scattergood and Colin Newman will be reviewing singles on Steve Lamacq's Roundtable on 6 Music today (Thursday 2nd April) between 6 and 7 pm. The show will also be available on Listen Again online for 7 days.
    Cheers mate, will catch it online later.
    Good fun that, takes me back to the old days of Radio 1 in the 80s (of which Round Table was a Friday night stable), when it struck a quite workable balance of mainstream entertainment in the daytime, getting a bit more interesting as they evening wore on with Janice Long and John Peel through the night.

    Nobody could accuse Mr Newman of not keeping up with the music scene! I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to keep up but on the evidence of this think I need to do a bit more homework!

    But who is Polly Scattergood?..and stuff? of thing?
    Manic Street Preachers? I dont get it either.
    Dizzee Rascal and Au Revoir Simone did pretty good.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 3rd 2009 edited)
    Polly Scattergood is here:
    I purchased her c.d when it was released,(signed copy) her music is poppy, goth, disturbing, dark, and exceedingly 'interesting'.
    just played her myspace trax & whilst i agree it may be poppy & interesting, it's hardly disturbing or dark (unless you mean lyrically - i'm not listening THAT closely). She's certainly interesting enough to suggest to my mates to go see her @ Cargo!
    i like her sound/ voice. kind of like a cross between marianne faithful and david bowie.

    "keep up" on the music scene? not enough hours in the day. back in the old days you could buy cream or rolling stone and that's all you needed to know. now there's probably a thousand new bands a day on myspace. i try to let it come me rather than actively seeking out brand new stuff. e.g., i would have not check out PS had not Ari mentioned it.
    "probably a thousand new bands a day on myspace" - yer right &, to quote the Cash Pussies, "99% is shit"!
    quite right. there is definitely a lot more slop to sort through these days. so much stuff sounds lame and/or derivative.
    Yes, I was 'talking about' the lyrics, (going to bed and popping pills etc.) she has stated though that her songs of this nature are not 'autobiographical' but, rather, a statement of/to some friends she has 'lost'.
    I like "Nitrogen Pink."
    all "writing" is autobiographical (or of a personal nature if you prefer) to one degree or another. it's all really a question of degree. if writing in the first person, it's subjective. if writing in the 3rd person, it's objective. if using a 'cut-up' technique, more abstract.

    if she does more stuff like 'nitrogen pink' she could blow up! she could be huge. if she does slower, more arty stuff she'll be a cult thing.
    Just to dispel rumours, I'm not a total nerd :) They give you a list before hand and half an hour on myspace'll get you sorted :)

    Having said that despite the fact that 99% is shit (a simple truism I've stuck with since years before the cash pussies were in diapers :) I do try in general to keep up. Apart from anything else , when half the bands around are referencing you you'd better take the time to know what they sound like or you are gonna sound like an arrogant prick!

    Can't believe that on the two occasions I've done this show I got the Manic Street Preachers! In spite of the perceived glee with which I appear to be laying into them (I'm seriously holding back in fact :) I'd much much rather be praising some artist who the audience might be unfamiliar with.
    myspace is brilliant for that - if only that's been around in 'our' heyday!!!

    i agree with Colin's last para above - i trawl myspaz on recomendations & so often have to sound -ve when i say they're rubbish! I often follow links to their friends listening to bands/artists just HOPING & PRAYING to find somat i like, but often to little avail. & when i do my mates slag me off when i suggest going to see some1 i've found!

    while the 99 to 1 ratio may be a bit of an exaggeration, myspace is quite a useful tool to discover new music/sounds. having said that i cannot for the life of me understand the hype given to TV on the Radio or Grizzly Bear, 2 u.s bands currently popular on the indie circuit. i think they're fairly dreadful. WAVVES is good fun (Cali surf punk), but not terribly original. however if you're 15 y.o., raging hormones, synapses all lit up, i can understand why you would think this is so awesome!

    i also don't want to come across as hating on new bands simply they are the new kids on the blocks/ new gang in town. so being the ever optimistic american (ha) the following are actually some new groups that i've come across recently that i do like:

    Boris (from japan, outstanding!)
    Black Dice
    A Place to Bury Strangers
    Death Set
    No Age
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 8th 2009)
    yes, I like what I've heard from Black Dice, and I like No Age's album a lot... I saw them toward the end of last summer at the seaport, though, and they didn't have their live show together. Perils of a 2-man band!
    Black Dice are ace, they have a new LP out called Repo which sounds like Animal Collective doing cover versions of Cabaret Voltaire circa Red Mecca/Voice of America and even comes with a very CV-esque booklet of Dada-esque cut-up pictures and collages. Derivative yes, but "Talent borrows" etc...
    I've seen Black Dice, Boris & No Age play gigs and enjoyed them all. I think the last Black Dice album I heard was a compilation that came out a year or two back.
    the last Black Dice album was Load Blown. not sure if was a compilation. it is dope. it is a bit derivative (what isn't?) but in a creative and original way as opposed to uninspiring and lacking talent derivative. they did a show last sat. night in brooklyn that i was unable to get to, but plan to see another local show of theirs in june.

    i haven't seen Boris, but i have heard good things about them. they will be featured in the soundtrack for Jim Jarsmusch's next film The Limits of Control.

    looking forward to see a rare appearance by Throbbing Gristle, also in brooklyn, tomorrow night..............