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    Exhibit A.
    Pete(r) Doherty. What a Lazy f*king prick.
    Cancelled a gig cos he was a bit "tired"

    Exhibit B.
    MES, plays on despite broken hip..What a Trouper!
    Apparently he had hired lackeys to fiddle with the amps and continue disrupting the gig as much as possible while he's a bit indisposed.
    Hip Priest !

    Pete Doherty is now 30 yrs of age, young Timothy!

    EDIT: Those NME readers aren't holding back with their comments, are they?

    As for The Fall...what Moz would do to have a rhythm section that looked like that! ; )
    I think "tired" is euphemistic. Sad to see "Peter's" rebranding hit the buffers so soon. But are we surprised?

    V good Fall gig at Koko - MES positioned himself behind the guitarist's amp so he could occasionally leverage himself out of the chair and fiddle with the settings. Also ended up careering round the stage like Davros, attempting to dismantle the drumkit mikes at one stage. Roadies strategically positioned to stop him falling off the stage.

    Performed the vocals on the encore from backstage before being wheeled on to the rear of the stage to tell the lads to stop playing.

    Seriously heavy band now. The skinhead drummer hits the drums very, very hard indeed. Top quality entertainment!

    so what's with the wheelchair, is he now a 'wheeler dealer'? (I'll get me coat)
    No, he's temporarily not MES, he's MIS, Mark Ironside Smith.
    Cracking gig.