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    Heh heh.. couldn't resist flagging this article. A new slant on The Singing Fish... also, an anagram of Colin Newman is... clean minnow...

    Easy knowing it's quiet 'round 'ere when there's nothing better to talk about than this nonsense... the tumbleweed tumble past......

    I've already gotten me coat...
    A fish related anagram of Bruce Gilbert is Eel Bug Brr Tic. Could be an out-take from Document & Eyewitness?
    What about Robert gotobed, maybe the fish getting its revenge??

    "Bob gored otter"

    Thought he was an animal luver to lol.
    Although not particularly Wire-y (or fishy, for that matter), I think my favorite musician anagram has to be for Alanis Morrissette:

    One Aimless Artist
    Graham Lewis = Shag Lame Wir

    HaHa :) Well having lived in the French speaking world I'm well familiar with hake being called colin. Some even tried to pronounce my name thus to which I would of often reply "Je ne suis pas un poisson" :) - For obvious reasons it's a fish I never eat!
    On a watery theme:

    Colin Newman - Clean Minnow
    Graham Lewis - Whalers Magi
    Bruce Gilbert - Iceberg Blurt
    Robert Gotobed - Bored Bog Otter
    Kevin - those are absolutely outstanding.
    Well that's the next four album titles in the bag!
    No more of this counting the items on odiscog!
    On a clothing theme:

    Colin Newman - Own Mac Linen
    Graham Lewis - Mirage Shawl
    Bruce Gilbert - Big Beret Curl
    Robert Gotobed - Robed Bog Otter
    Well it looks like the lyrics for the next Dome album are sort now.