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    What do people think about the first Furs album?

    Were they influenced by WIRE?

    They seem to working against Punk.

    Like WIRE, they have a song with an odd title "India", like "Brazil." Not sure why it is called India either.

    Instead of "Strange", they have a song called "Susan's Strange." Furs were always compared to Velvet Underground.

    "We Love You" is a lot like "Feeling Called Love" in that they break the punk rule of "no love songs."

    "Soap Commercial" uses the american word "Commercial" instead of advert, just like WIRE.
    i just saw them a few weeks back here in Atlanta. Happy Mondays stunk up the stage beforehand - i mean opened. the Furs were still brilliant live. they have a saxaphonist this tour, so they did a lot of sax numbers.

    and to answer you question, i think the first Furs record is a great disc. not sure of any of that other stuff though.

    my faves are forever now and mirror moves.
    They sound like David Bowie impressionists to me.
    'how' do they?