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    I'm sure there's quite a few JG Ballard fans here who will be saddened to hear of his death yesterday morning, after a long illness. I wasn't too keen on his recent novels, as they just felt like re-hashes of old riffs, but the writing from the 70s & early 80s, especially the short stories, is an incredible body of work. His autobiography Miracles of Life was a very engaging and moving read, highly recommended. He was a truly unique figure. Not many authors names become cultural shorthand, but the word 'Ballardian' certainly covers a multitude where consumerism, surveillance, reality TV etc. is concerned... He famously said, "The future will be boring". Absolutely spot on. Thankfully The South Bank Show did that programme on him in recent years, which no doubt will get aired again, in tribute. Tenuous Wire link here in that the Barbican event for the Iain Sinclair/Chris Petit film London Orbital, was supposed to include an appearance by JG Ballard, but he cried off. This was the event where Wire did Dip Flash, their radical reworking of Dot Dash, which was further reworked in recent years to become 23 Years Too Late.
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    Well, judging by the lack of response to this thread, I clearly overestimated the Ballard fanbase here ! Dug up my tape of the 2006 South Bank Show on Ballard last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, even better than I remembered it. Featuring contributions from Martin Amis, Will Self, Chris Petit & Iain Sinclair. For those who haven't seen it, if it does get repeated you're in for a treat. Will Self's Evening Standard tribute can be read here. Simon Reynolds' tribute can be read here

    One publisher who passed on publishing Crash, famously said "This author is beyond psychiatric help - do not publish." Ballard of course took that as the highest of praise, especially as the person who said it was married to a psychiatrist. It was published in 1973. 23 years later Cronenberg made his flawed film version, which is still banned in the UK...
    I was also saddened by his passing. His books were almost prescient; considering the all pervasive nature of mass-media & it`s relationship with man in the 21 century. And having lived in Japan these last 11 years......................... a truly `Ballardian` experience.

    Particular favourite of mine - "High Rise".
    Mine's "The Index."
    Concrete Island.