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    Hey - just like Magazine, Suicide et al, i'll bet there's a fair few Go4 fans on here! Well they've just announced a wee 5 date tour (as well as a few festival dates) at which they'll be playing Entertainment! so - be quick & get yer tx!!!
    Cheers Garage Band,
    just booked a couple tix for the Glasgow gig.
    I'm not a fan of Go4 continuing without the original line-up, especially if they are going to be playing Entertainment. I was lucky enough to catch them in 2005 during their proper reunion tour and they were fantastic.
    yeah i only found out about the Koko gig after the fact - toally gutted. still, 2 out of 4 ain't bad - well it's gonna have to do!!!

    Having said that Steve - have you seen Wire in the last 18 months? admittedly 3/4 is better than 1/2, but it's still not the original line-up!
    yeah i saw one of the 2005 shows in ny. incendiary performance.

    any mott the hoople fans here? i see they have multiple london shows scheduled for october. i've always thought that ian hunter was a vastly underrated songwriter. and mott was a killer band in their heyday. like ny dolls, they possibly could have been as big as the rolling stones had they stayed together.
    Yeah - all guys of a certain age like Mott, surely!??!?!? i so wanted to go & see the reunion gig, but the fact that they're playing a seated venue puts me right off, so i have it a miss. obviously i know Mott members are getting on a bit, but i was shocked to read recently that Hunter is 70!!! good luck to him, but i hope for the punters that turn up he can still sing - especially on the last night of however many it is!
    I saw Hunter live a few years and there were no problems with his voice. My issue was with the dull latter-day material!

    If Mott were playing somewhere nearer I think I'd have to go.
    hmm - i dare say that as they're celebrating some kinda anniversary (isn't it 40 years since Mott got 2gether), i'm assuming, & i'd HOPE if i were going, that the vast majority of trax would be there more well knowk stuff from early/mid 70's.
    40 years??!!
    (my how time flies)
    GO4 interviewed at Benacassim, with an amusing anecdote about the real reason Green Gartside went into retirement...
    Apparently Andy Gill thinks Hugo is a crap drummer, or so someone told me.
    I have a spare ticket for the Go4's Entertainment! gig at Kentish Town Forum on Saturday 26th September. I just want what i paid for it - £28.

    Whisper back if interested.
    Any idea who the support band is if any??
    no idea - i tend to call venue day of the gig if it's not in the press.
    A quick butcher's at the TV listings for the coming week reveals that Gang Of Four are appearing on Jools Holland this Tuesday (22nd).
    From GO4 Myspace blog:

    "Tonight we play "Later With Jools Holland" which can be viewed on BBC2/HD at 22:00 ("Damaged Goods") and Friday on BBC2/HD at 23:35 ("I Love A Man In Uniform" & "At Home He's A Tourist"). Also playing is Dizzee Rascal, Beverly Knight, Editors AND Charlie Watts."

    Watch new blood on the 18 inch screen

    Nowadays, perhaps that should be "Watch new blood on the 48 inch plasma screen" (which of course ruins the rhythm of the original lyric)
    Oh & i still have a spare tckt for the Forum on Saturday. i'll take £20 for it!
    Went to the gig in Glasgow on Saturday, Eddi Reader was on stage with the band for a lot of songs.
    The support were mince.
    Cracking performance last night i thought! bass player (whoever he is) really pushed the song along! really looking 4 ward to Saturday now! over 25 years since i saw 'em last!!

    Oh & i've STILL got a spare ticket!! (But u probably know that by now!!)
    Re Later (Friday)...

    I thought I Love A Man In Uniform was a bit hit and miss, but a pretty decent At Home He's A Tourist.

    Not as good as when I saw them live a few years ago with the proper line-up, but comfortably the best thing on there. Good to have Gill's slashing guitar beamed into our homes!