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    The live mix was a bit better than Tuesday, where some odd things seemed to be happening with some mikes and guitar. Pretty good show by the band all round, but I got the sense that the TV show format constricted them somewhat, by just playing one song at a time, not being able to really build up a head of steam as they would during a gig. It also must've been slightly strange playing to an audience ranged around the set quite far away from them. Again, unlike the usual gig set-up.

    How did Eddie Reader get involved I wonder ?

    Well, thirty years on and they finally get to deliver the infamous line on TV that the Beeb denied them originally.
    I was eating a couple of over spiced bhajis in a takeaway on Saturday and watched new blood on the plasma screen 11.45pm

    Time mag journalist made up like dogs dinner sported partially concealed GO$ T-shirt 'Capital it fails us now' as she twittered on about Iran and their nuclear weapons and Angela Merkl's crocodile tears. We'd better not let those pesky Iranians go nuclear. Only the USA can be trusted with nuclear weapons, cf. NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE.
    Well, this answers my question about Eddie Reader.
    "Only the USA can be trusted with nuclear weapons, cf. NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE."

    i've always thought the Fat Man Bomb over nagasaki was too quick. if i was Prez i would have hired the RAF to do a manic, drawn out, Dresden style firebombing. then a follow up invasion by Brit football hooligans. let them go apeshit all over the place! that would have shown them gooks who's Boss!
    I'd prefer to put ALL politicians, bankers and other bureaucratic parasites like that slimey moral hypocrite Bliar and his unelected Scottish suck Cessor that do nothing but MURDER in our name in a spaceship and send them off to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
    Getting back to GoF, anyone see them on Jools Holland's Later, the other day?

    Just the two core members and very good versions of Man in Uniform and Tourist. I can't figure them out. Wonderful as that old material is, this 'reunion' has been going on for about 4 years now.
    Are they incapable of producing good new songs? What's their gameplan, they surely can't continue touring on 30'ish year old material?

    From Andy Gill's site:

    "Andy and Gang of Four singer Jon King are currently writing and recording their new album in Andy’s studio in London with Mark Heaney on drums and Thomas McNeice on bass. G04 released their critically acclaimed single “Second Life” last summer and performed dates in Europe and America."

    Gang Of Four website
    "Second Life" is a cracker!!!
    Am I the only person on this forum who has never quite "got" The GO4? This Later performance didn't help..particularly the muso faces that bass player was pulling...and f**king hell the very mention of Fairground Attraction is the stuff of nightmares for anyone who grew up in the 1980s.
    Yeah Second Life is almost as good as the second album.
    The tortoise remix of Paralysed is the only GO$ rmx I like.

    It seems GO4 do not appeal to reactionary gobshites...
    Rock n roll & gurning are, like strawberries & cream and Posh & Becks, a happy pairing!!!
    Takes one to know one Mr Hell
    uuhhh..lets keep it civil eh? I must say however B Hell does kinda treat this forum like his own personal blog. It would be nice to hear more from others and I wonder if one person dominating this forum would be certainly makes me wanna stay a lurker...and I see from the stats that B Hell has posted 334 comments started 19 threads! Seems kinda rich to call another forum member a gobshite!
    Well Eels it seems I've started 6 threads and I'm quite shocked to see i've posted 212 times so I guess that does make a bit of a gobshite which I'm ok with...but *do* I object to being called reactionary!
    i think b hell's posts should be taken with a pinch of salt! the vast majority of his posts are total wind-up's i'm sure. having said that they do go on some & i tend not to read v long posts - hell's or any1's!

    perhaps b hell can nlighten us to the sincerity of his posts!??!?!?!?!??!?!
    Hell's alright. He's just a bit high strung.
    alright? Hell's an extremely vulgar person. he should be waterboarded in trafalgar sq, supervised by dick cheney, whilst being being forced to listen to celine dion's greatest hits at full volume. that'd teach him some respect!
    Now then now then, let's keep things on track, this is a Gang Of Four thread...
    Absolutely. Celine Dion? Blimey, somebody call Amnesty International.
    Freakbag should go see Wire in Barcelona, then he might have something intersting to write instead of boring idiocy like the above.

    I described no one as reactionary, I just wrote that it seems that GO4 do not appeal to reactionary gobshites. R Swimmer obviously recognised the reflection. I am not familar with Celine Dion but I´m sure it would be less problematic than actually arranging such a pointless spectacle in London.

    If hearing Fairground Attraction is a "nightmare" then you have led a very safe and cushy existance (until now).