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    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 9th 2009 edited)
    as a 'past supporter' of Graeme I must say I am very disappointed at his ravings and torchings of folk on this list,and his total takeover of it,(or any other list). Do you get some sort of perverse 'pleasure' from doing this or are you so much into yourself that no one else matters. you ridicule what people listen to if YOU deem it unworthy but have no hesitation at all in promoting your point of view as if it were scripture, get a life, even better, get a girl friend and learn to chill out, your attacks, particularly on R.Swimmer are infantile and not appreciated.
    If you are writing about me rather than Wire, maybe you should be the one to heed your own advice and
    I already have one and it seems to be enough for now.

    GET A LIFE is almost as ipueril an expression as
    "Takes one to know one"
    Sorry I meant to type


    If you don´t understand, get a dictionary!
    At home he´s looking for interest?

    Typing of GO4 rather than whether I should take orders from someone I tend to find quite boring,
    They played
    At Home He´s a Tourist and
    very loud over the PA
    after WIRE played in Puerto de Santa Maria
    which was nice. They also played Jim Davidson´s classic Digital and
    I Am the Fly (presumably to satiate the people who kept shouting for it).

    Paradise, if you can earn it?
    I don´t think anyone ever found paradise
    ¡I Don´t Understand! Maybe Ari could explain himself, as he appears to be full of chilled out advice.

    ¿What do you mean by "chill out?"

    ¿Is it something to do with the ravings you mention?

    ¿Why do you put the words ´past supporter´in quotation marks?

    ¿Who used the phrase and in what context?

    ¿Who is Graeme? ¿One of the Goodies?

    ¿Not appreciated by who?

    ¿How does one get a girl friend?

    ¿Can you buy them at the Infanticide store run by those so called "goooooks?"

    ¿Is it socially acceptable with Der Fuhrer von Der Pink Flag Ari for one of us to be friends with more than one girl?

    ¿Or do you prefer the company of a woman? 1234

    I am very disappointed with Ari´s Punktuation

    but he can have 9 out of 10 for specious innaccuracy
    GIVE UP, man. FFS!!
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 12th 2009 edited)
    Akatombo, 'R.Swimmer, was only one of the members of the Idealcopylist that G used to regularly flame, he was eventually (and for the 2nd time) thrown off the list, I pleaded with Miles (the 'list owner') to allow G back onto the list but Miles very wisely ignored my pleas.
    The 'reason' I wanted Graeme back was because he has a 'style' of writing that is both informative and crisp, and oft provoked a flurry of responses that made to I.C list 'alive and interesting'.
    However he doesn't seem to have 'learned' that not everyone on this planet agrees with his 'opinions' about who is good and who isn't good in music, and seems bent on agitating enough people to get himself thrown off this list also: a shame but I, and several others have grown weary of his enormous ego.
    I have been a member of this list ,like several Icers (as we call ourselves) since the getgo, and joined the I.C list last century. however I am on the edge of resigning my membership to the forum if G is allowed to run wild insulting people for much longer.
    I won't be responding to Graeme's remarks/questions, what's the point? I wish him well and I wish him gone, 'nuff said.
    ... cannot abide the personal attacks or snide comments that B.H. aka G.R. keeps posting.

    It's uncalled for; there's no excuse or reason for it apart from the points you've mentioned. Why he doesn't get his own blog where he'd be free to rant away to his heart's content, I don't know. However, what I do know is that enough is enough. He has to stop or I'm off. I neither need it or want it.

    Well he did once have his own Fanzine and Website....(these are what people did before Blogs came along of course!)
    they were good and had interviews with Wire and more.

    It would be a shame if anyone left the Forum and I'm really embarrassed to be implicated in all this.
    I have had run-ins with BH in the past on the old IC list which I'm not proud of and I certainly don't want to be getting into any more of these mad arguments on Craig's nice clean forum!

    As Fergus rightly points out...this *is* a Gang of Four thread so lets get back to the music eh?
    I had to backtrack a bit to see where this all went afoul in the first place, and found R Swimmer's question (evaluation?).

    Agreed. They just never stuck with me.

    Reactionary Gobshite
    A couple of weeks back I read a piece in The Times (reactionary or what?) by Andy Gill relating to the recording of their first album. They had created a reverb effect by hanging a speaker over a toilet bowl and recording the results with a microphone (might have been two to get stereo effect - other more technically gifted people than I could confirm this). To me, this is what music's all about. Interestingly, the piece went on to describe how the members of GO4 subsequently argued about whether the introduction of such effects into the recording process was bourgeois......
    That's funny because according to Jon King's blog they used "no decoration or overdubs or tracking or FX".
    >WTF is your point here?

    "What's THIS For...!" A great Killing Joke album!

    >To show just how much of an antagonistic, narcissistic TROLL you are?

    I Don't Understand!
    What is a TROLL?
    I've been mistaken for a hobbit before but I'm really an elf with a magick bullshit detector ring.

    >If the answer is yes -- then you win, hands down.

    Where does this phrase "hands down" come from? What does it mean?

    >If the answer is no; then why the feck are you baiting/goading/insulting other members.

    Also possibly gets a better ANGRIER renditon of one song in partiular out of Wire.
    You spelt "fuck" wrong but what the hell, I spelt "lynx" wrong.

    Hell I even wprked out how to get a girlfriend.
    The clues are all there in the GANG OF FOUR song
    "I love a man in a uniform"

    Maybe if I go get my legs blown off in Afghanistan it will make me more desirable.
    Graeme has been warned over conduct several times on this board, most recently five days ago. I have now suspended his account for one week and will turn it on again next Saturday. Subsequent complaints will result in a permanent ban.

    Graeme, - if you're reading this: get a blog. Seriously. Go to one of the various places where you can get a free blog and rant away, but do not do it here. This is a place for discussion, not personal attacks.

    Now, back to the music & friendliness, please.
    He's taken your advice.

    Getting back to the music, Gang Of Four play Sinner's Day Festival on November 1st.
    From Jon King's Twitter updates on his blog:

    Andy has just sent me mix of our most recent new recording. It sounds great. Expect to put this out in Spring next year

    Look forward to that then Jon !
    Recent Twitter updates on Jon King's blog spin out an amusing little narrative (most recent one first) -

    I can see the biz class seats upfront in this midget plane have a curtain! Ideal to conceal inflight onanism over the powerpoint

    note to self: learn lyrics on the shuttle

    lecherous shiny arsed businessman oilily chatting up fit Polish girl. get over it Grandad

    in Munich on way to Wroslaw. Rich smell of pigshit wafting across the runway

    Getting my tongue around German words for the Nico gig saturday

    listening to Lust for Life. It's lusty and full of life

    My gig with John Cale this weekend in Wrslaw , Poland looming.

    Gig with John Cale ? Curious.
    Amazingly enough, the BBC teletext service (freeview variant) reported today that "post punk" Gang of Four were trying to subsidize the costs of their new lp by selling their blood to fans. I joke not. Apparently, they're enquiring with the health and safety lot as to how much they must dilute it by for it to be legal.

    Legal??!! Who cares about legal? There are sooooo many other questions that surface first. My starter for 10 is the not very focussed - What the fuck are they thinking of?

    PS Why are they post punk? Need a good definition but they're punk as far as I'm concerned.
    Bloody hell ! That's fucking nuts... curiously, it's not mentioned on the Pledge site, a venture they've involved themselves to subsidize the costs of the new album, not unlike what Einsturzende Neubauten did with their subscriber series releases, except this one involves a certain undisclosed contribution to Amnesty. Ethic cleansing ? Or carbon offset for a 950 quid helicopter ride with the band from London to Glasto ? (one of the items you can pledge for). Or why not get Andy to mix your track ? A snip at only 1500 quid !! Oh, capital, it fails them not !