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    Dear members,

    I`m very pleased to announce that, finally, the new AKATOMBO album, "unconfirmed reports", is now available for purchase.

    There is a "special-edition" version of the new album which is housed in a special over-sized, elaborately printed envelope containing; two large photographic prints; two random newspaper cuttings (each copy has different cuttings); a random photograph from my `Nippon @ Night` series; the cd album; & also a bonus 3 track dvd-r of promo videos.
    (Two of the videos have been shown @ over 20 film festivals in 12 different countries in the past 2.5 years to great critical acclaim).
    *Each special-edition album is hand-numbered too. Thus, each copy is quite unique. members have the first chance to purchase a "special" copy before it goes on general sale in mid-June*

    For further details, please contact; sodenoshita65<at>hotmail<dot>com
    (Put "PF/CD" in the subject line).

    For anyone not familiar w/ my work, maybe go here for a wee preview.....

    Many Thanks.

    Paul Thomsen Kirk

    here's a couple of recent rather 'glowing' reviews to possibly pique your interest;



    thanks for your time.

    Anyone who liked the first Akatombo album or is into the likes of Dome should really give this a shot. It's another slice of intense and atmospheric music, and it also comes in a beautiful package, as shown below. (Sorry about the iffy quality of the image—blame Apple for putting such a rubbish camera in the iPhone.)

    agree. beautiful package and nice music. i have both Akatombos and if you liked the first one go for it.
    and while we're at it, the ones into the likes of Dome should not forget to check out Fergus Kelly if they don't know him yet (sorry Paul for going out of topic :-) ).
    .............. briefly, here`s another very recent review..... pretty spot on.

    right then; back to the Sisyphean escapade that constitutes album promotion on a non-existent budget.

    thanks for your time, as always.

    ..................... there are some videos of selected tracks taken from the new album up on YouTube.......
    These have been shown at around 20 Film-Festivals in 12 countries....... - "cypher" - "SSRI" - "friend for hire" - "hikiko mori" [not on album.....]

    as always, many thanks.

    "Friend for Hire".....Very nice...needs more attention.
    @ misterego

    "needs more attention" - the video or the viewer ? ;-]

    some more kind words from.... Simon Reynolds

    UK Distribution via Baked Goods in Manchester. Google for other territories.

    Thanks for all the inquiries received so far............!

    should have said "deserves more attention"
    short piece of info for anyone interested;

    there will be a special 15-minute Akatombo mix broadcast on the Mary Anne Hobbs Show, BBC Radio One, this WEDNESDAY, in the `wee small hours` of the morning - (Aug. 19th)...... more details/links for downloads/etc. can be found here -

    many thanks & best wishes

    So is that late Wednesday night or early Wednesday morning?
    emm......................... good question.

    that would be 0200 - 0400 Wed. 19th if you're in UK; so add/subtract for different time-zones. 10am in Japan.

    the whole show will be available for d/load v. shortly after broadcast, if anyone's interested.


    And very good it was too.

    Anyone got the lowdown on what everyone else formerly on Swim is up to THESE DAYS?
    Just a quick one to say I reviewed this rather splendid album. Link below.

    (Rating out of 7 and not 10)
    You forgot to ask if it could be considered narcissistic to join a message board to plug one's own album!
    Yawn ....

    Very poor effort, you tedious person. Away back to your blog, you know, the one that no-one reads, apart from you, over & over again .... that should keep you busy for a wee while; that is, until you cannot stop the pathological compulsion you have to come on here, once again, and laughingly attempt to slag off, bait or insult other PF members.
    Who's a pretty boy then? Nice photo! The narcissus is a lovely flower say the greeks.
    You've changed your tune, GG. Wasn't it you who asked if anyone had got the lowdown on what everyone else formerly on Swim is up to now?

    Which I thought was a good question. There's a few I'd like to hear more from (esp Silo!).

    Akaatombo definitely came into that equation for me - I really liked his Swim album, Trace Elements, and wasn't disappointed when I heard the new one.

    I wouldn't mind any regular poster here advertising their material though TBH, as personally I'd be interested in hearing what folk here come up with. So when you contribute to a Melt Banana tribute album, make sure I get to hear it! ; )
    Also, the Akatombo account was activated a YEAR before the initial post in this thread.