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    Great gig made up for the atrocious weather, 10 degrees, driving rain and streets lined with trashed umbrellas. Welcome to summer in Dublin!!!!
    Underwater Experiences definitely the highlight of the night.

    Former Airline
    Our Time
    Mr Marx's Table
    Being Sucked In Again
    Perspex Icon
    Mekon Headman
    Advantage In Height
    The Agfers of Kodack
    Silk Skin Paws
    On All Fours
    One Of Us (absolutely poptastic)
    Boiling Boy
    The 15th
    106 Beats That
    I Don't Understand

    He Knows
    Pink Flag
    Underwater Experiences

    Steve (OK so I lied about opening with Former Airline but hey, a man can dream)
    you forgot "Billy the Goat"
    There's already some footage on youtube; don't know if it's from one of our forum/list pals
    Yes, a terrific, energising set - Underwater Experiences definitely my highlight too... really knocked me sideways that one. My photos can be seen here.
    It would be nice to see the boys pose WITH Margaret (wouldn't it?)
    It would, but i guess she's not formally one of the band!

    oh & totally gutted none of my mates fancied this gig! it broke my run of 3 years on the bounce visiting Dublin!
    Are you about to kick Colin in the nuts there, Fergus? ; )

    Great stuff as always.
    Nice bunch of pics Fergus. I've just put mine up too.

    yeah, great gig. really enjoyed it. and very nice pictures from both of you guys.
    Cheers lads..

    "Are you about to kick Colin in the nuts there, Fergus? ; )"

    The penalty shot... To avoid relegation!
    >>Are you about to kick Colin in the nuts there, Fergus? ; )<<
    No, he's having a piss..........
    Nice pics Steve (btw, it's Robert Grey)
    Thanks Ari, and noted and corrected. old habits die hard.
    next one will be Barcelona in October, apparently.
    Barcelona is one of 3 Spanish dates

    07/10/09 : Apolo – Barcelona (ES)
    08/10/09 : Madrid (ES)
    09/10/09 : Monasterio – Cadiz (ES)

    we have confirmed but they have asked us not to upfront publicise any others apart from Barcelona yet. It may be that venues might change.
    Excellent gig, great energy and song selection. I would have to concur with both Steve and Fergus and say that "Underwater Experiences" was amazing and did fry my synapses, albeit in a very welcome way! Cheers for the photos, excellent shots all round.