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    Sky Saxon, Punk/Psych legend
    Oops- off category. Sorry, I'm emotional.
    just found this out - a much greater loss than Jacko (& Fawcett), but his death will be sadly overlooked by the mass media as it won't shift units like either of the other 2. might get a wee para in nme somewhere, perhaps - not that i read the comix anymore!
    Talking of the NME, Steven Wells has died, too.
    not so well known, but another loss.
    RIP is a cool song by Big Black who covered Heatbeat by Wire,
    but seeing "Wire: RIP" as a header for this thread is ominous as a black horse fighting for...
    I know, but it was "Too Late" to undo it, although...
    maybe Craig can undo it/rename it?
    "rest in peace" is also a great song by Ian Hunter.
    When Farrah Fawcett died she went straight up to heaven and met God at the pearly gates. God is a big fan of Farrah and was pleased with her life so he offered her a last wish before entering paradise.

    She wished for all the children of the world to be safe.
    u 4got the punchline Margaret!

    But we prob all know it anyway!!!
    Poor poor jacko...............
    So God exists?
    i always thought St Peter was the guy you had to see first (@ the pearly gates) before getting an interview with God?
    god fired him for listening to music............
    You always thought that?

    Even before you read the bible?
    never really read the bible, I think that even as a child I was a non-believer
    I've heard the other parts of margaret's joke. It's pretty good, really, though naturally in bad taste.
    I don't think Peter was at heaven's gates in the bible, but he did have some business with a cock as I recall!
    wow, Willy DeVille passed away on Thurs. i saw his band Mink DeVille open for the Ramones at CBGB's!.......really talented guy. hard to believe he wasn't a huge star. though i think he was more well known in europe than the U.S.......he's singing 'mixed up, shook up girl' in heaven right now.......