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    I always love howling along to "The Offer", but I'm never quite sure what the full lyrics are.

    This site suggests, but doesn't seem terribly convinced by:
    [I got to be for?] the offer of virtue
    [Once in and?] taken apart
    This is the shape of interference
    Please don't adjust your heart

    Now touching the edges of something
    Wanting to find truer response
    Could I ever erase the influence?
    Brushing in against what's (already) understood

    Dredging shifting basing phrasing
    Once in and taken to heart
    I fought your red colour
    I scratch your head again

    Staring trying embracing gazing
    I shot your silver dollar
    Fill the space within your heart
    You wear my golden collar

    Does anyone know any better?
    I haven't the faintest, and though the above mostly matches what I'd imagined, a few notes:

    Line 4: I always thought the word "gesture" was in there somewhere

    Line 5: I had imagined "Not" rather than "Now"

    Line 6: "truer response" I had thought was "too many sparks"

    Not that any of that helps to clear anything up, but there you have it.

    'scuse me while I kiss this guy...
    The lyrics on this site are as complete as memories and notes allow. Both Graham and Colin went through the entire list of lyrics, after much badgering from me, and anything still with question marks is lost unless some new notes emerge!
    That song would work well with the present WIRE set.
    Thanks for the info, Craig.

    I know I'm thick - it was only yesterday when I realised that Colin's "Alone On Piano" is "Alone" on piano - but I always heard "The Offer" as "Once seen and taken apart/taken to heart" (which might be right) and "Wanting to find you in this spot" (which is clearly wrong).

    What a beautiful song to have languishing in a corner of the catalogue...

    I just realised that the lyrics in the discography have been updated since the original comments on this thread. Now I have the Astoria version to listen to, too.
    Yeah, Colin and Graham went through the entire set of lyrics at some point, to make corrections. There are probably still some anomalies (through what's on the record not being what's on the original notes—there are even some in the upcoming Change Becomes Us page that I'll have to fix later), but they're for the most part accurate. Note though that we *don't* make any changes for live versions. Life's a bit too short to have 50 versions of the Pink Flag lyrics on this site!