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    Hi. I was just wondering does anyone have any info on Wire's set at Reading 90 and what the performance was like? Was anyone from here there (apart from band members!)?
    there's a video of this in circulation. it was more or less the same as the "manscape" tour set (i saw the bristol gig on that tour which i thought was fabulous). so its the wir line up / 3 guitar attack / 12 drill u type scenario. must have been great to see them on that big stage....
    What Do You See? (Welcome)
    Kidney Bingos
    Eardrum Buzz
    Small Black Reptile
    Patterns Of Behaviour
    1-2 Drill U
    An Advantage In Height
    Underwater Experiences
    Cheers for the info Guys, I'd love to see that video, three sharp suited visionaries in their own bubble wryly observing the festival mayhem stretching before them. I was surprised to see that they played Underwater Experiences, can't imagine what that sounded like with Mr Casio laying down the beats! I would love to see the video, so if anyone has it or a link to a source please pass on the directions, thanks.
    maybe this show or other shows from that tour will be part of the bootleg series ?
    i would also be curious to hear underwater played by wir. was rob already out of the band during that tour ?
    I saw them in Edinburgh around that time; was a bit startled when I didn't see any drum-kit......... still, they were very good. Although about 20% of the crowd seemed to spend most of the time during their set in the bar. Moaning about the stage set-up & the fact Wire played mostly new or very recent songs...... there's no pleasing some folk.
    and i'm sure there was someone shouting "12XU"..
    The Reading video is pretty dismal - it's recorded from the perspective of a relatively short person, standing behind two taller people. Lots of back-of-head, with occasional glimpses of Mr Newman's ponytail ;-)

    Must listen to the audio again - I think it's listenable. The best-quality audio from that era is the CD that came with the Italian Exploded Views book, though it's only four songs. And it's not certain where this was recorded. The whole gig of this would be nice though...

    There's also a video iof the Kilburn Natinal Wir show, supporting Blur.

    I always get very confused by this Wir kilburn/blur thing. I know for a fact that I saw Wir supporting Blur in Kilburn. Was it the National? I can't remember, probably was. I remember the evening well as they caught me with my tape recorder on the way in so I didn't record it. I left, pissed off after the disappointing Wir show and to my eternal regret never saw Blur in their early days. I remember how well Wir went down. At the end of their set half the (admittedly Blur) crowd was giving V-signs to the stage.

    Now, that video you refer to Mark, is NOT the Wir show I was at and I don't think they supported Blur on that video set. So there must? have been 2 Wir Kilburn shows and one? Blur support. Can anyone shed light on this?

    i think mark is talking about a bootleg video at reading festival 1990 , with wire playing a "manscape" set. you would have seen them at kilburn maybe a year later doing "first letter" stuff , that's the performance on the unofficial wire video of a few years back i think. apart from the blur kilburn support i think there was one other gig playing the "first letter" stuff (mean fiddler?)

    i missed the kilburn/mean fiddler gigs , just never knew they were on. so that era sadly passed me by and somehow i suspect that's the end of that. p
    I was at the Mean Fiddler show - very much a First Letter set, complete with live Gilbert vocals on Ticking Mouth.

    The Kilburn show is around the same time (1991).

    Sadly missed the Manscape tour.