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    Anyone who saw Wire in the 70's or 80's or who has seen the "On The Box" DVD will be familiar with the White Ovation "Breadwinner" Guitar I used to play. Truth was it looked fantastic but didn't sound that great. But still it did LOOK great!

    Now Eastwood, who make the Airline guitar I've used pretty extensively both live & in the studio have created a hommage in the shape of the Eastwood "Breadwinner". I got the chance to play one Githead's recent webcast from Orchard studios in Brampton, Ontario, (dubbed "Brampton Comes Alive" by The Two Koreas). I think it sounds somewhat better than the original but I was hardly able to give it exhaustive road tests!

    There is talk of making a very limited run of pink (as in "pink flag" pink) ones. I have no idea if Wire fans (especially ones that don't play the instrument) would be interested in that.....
    Colin, have you still got the original? Last seen at the RFH in 2000 I think...

    A 'Wire' signature Breadwinner would have to be white. No question. A discreet pink flag on the headstock, perhaps?

    A white one with a Pink Flag somewhere on the body would do for me. I'd probably buy a Wire signature Breadwinner .
    Wilson Neate wrote that guitar up as "iconic."

    Does that mean we shoul all worship Colin's tool but not bruce's old axe?
    Bruce's 70s Wire axe appeared to be mainly a pretty standard looking Les Paul - a guitar that already has plenty of worshippers.

    We could worship his C21 axe if we knew what it was!

    I remember the guitar, it looked awesome. If I could play guitar at all it'd be a nice addition to the guitars I already own and can't play.

    I recently bought a pink Hello Kitty guitar. I mean, I had to have that. Still can't play it but its awesome nature infuses the apartment.
    How can you NOT be able to play guitar?

    Put all bottom D strings on one. Sounds wonderful
    just been enjoying once again the eardrum buzz video on y/t

    rather than having a colin newman sig. ovation, how about a signature range of those rather dashing eardrum shirts

    exactly where are they now ?