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    Rather than curate the past, how about curating the present?

    I thought a good idea would be to release that excellent Daytrotter session and fill up the CD with live recordings from the recent Wire tour.

    Then a remastered CD of the demos for the first three albums would be nice, especially if it could include all the ones that got left out on BTC.

    Then of course a 24bit remastered compilaton of the early singles would be a very good idea.

    What should the CD be called?
    My suggestion is "Iconic Ovation Breadwinner 77"

    Tracks it should definitely include are:

    Dot Dash
    Options R
    Outdoor Miner
    A Question of Degree
    Former Airline
    Go Ahead
    Midnight Bahnhof Cafe
    Our Swimmer
    2nd Length
    Catapult 30
    4 tracks from 154 EP

    Other songs that warrant inclusion but aren't totally necessary as they are already remastered:

    Feeling Called Love (I'd drop this song)
    Ex Lion Tamer
    I Am the fly
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Map Ref

    If there is any room left on the CD after all that, I'd also include a few album tracks:

    Three Girl Rhumba (to entice Elastic fans, if there are any left)
    Being Sucked In Again (as it is has been sucked back into the set)
    Underwater Experiences demo (as it sounds finished, the one that got away)
    Former Airline demo (contrast with B-side, maybe segue them together)
    The Fifteenth (to entice Fisherprice fans, if there are any left)
    On Returning (just because it's one of the best pop songs ever)

    Anyone else got any suggestions as to how a Wire singles compilation should be objectified?