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    I could TAPE it for you Kevin but I don't have a CD burner.

    "It's like a holiday!"
    Yes, continuing as a band would be a very good idea, as would releasing this session as an EP on Thrill Jockey.

    "We're just here for this little moment in time"
    The First jam seemed loosely based on "One Of Us?"
    The Second recalled "He Knows" at least to these ears.
    The Third seemed like Tortoise go reggae and was interesting in that I can't work out which bit Colin was playing.
    The Fourth reminded me of "Doubts Even Here" by New Order but much brighter, like a new sunrise. I think this is my favourite one after seven listens.

    "It's quite organic as a process"
    The Last jam broadcast was the most frenetic and chaotic and amusingly had Fiona Talkington apologising in case any fragile Radio 3 listeners were shocked by the recording quality. They ought to be more shocked that the British government has proved itself completely inept at keeping data secret yet is trying to con the populace into paying to have even more of it filed to sell to the corporations who pull their strings.

    ***COMING together for the first time!***
    I would also love a copy, ain't available in the u.s of a, Jan said he'd 'try' and make a copy from the streaming, but no guarantee..............
    did anyone in the UK download the podcast of this? sadly, the BBC does not allow us 'Mericans to d/l from them....
    I have an mp3 of this show, if anyone wants me to send ot to them let me know.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeOct 20th 2009 edited)
    o.k, sending it as an mp3 file doesn't seem to work, shall burn it to c.d (I also have it as a .wav file) and mail it off to anyone this side of the pond who asks........
    Non UK viewers Get it here, but be quick before the Big British Castle finds out....

    And here are some Photos of the session. Check out Colin on Drums!

    is anyone able to burn me a CDR of this session.

    R Swimmer, you rock! thank you, i am listening right now.

    Ari -- thanks for being ready on the spot with the CDR, but this works for me.
    "Hey, we should form a band" says a member of Tortoise.

    How to arrive at a name ? Colin once had a band called The Repetitive Stoats. What do you get if you cross a stoat with a tortoise ? Let's pop it in the anagram generator and find out !

    Toastier Toots
    Sore Tatooist
    Sootiest Tarot

    I'll get me coat.
    >>I'll get me coat. << and yer hat whilst yer at it young Fergus...........
    I anagrammed Colin Newman Tortoise and got:

    New Testimonial Croon
    I'm In On No Watercloset
    Icon Into Watermelons
    Would I be right in thinking that you have some kind of deadline looming, Kevin? :-)
    Ah nowt serious; borderline random searches on anagram engines are the kind of displacement activity I might engage in when something more pressing should be taking priority...
    Thanks for the mp3 file R Swimmer... love your photos. Will have to show my wife (who's in her first year of a BA in photography and loves shooting live bands).
    I can't take credit for the photos Taoyoyo, I just posted the link. The photographers details are on the Flickr site.
    ... ahhh, sorry about that. saw the flicker name and thought it feasible. lucy johnston... still possible but then i remembered the wire all-boys-club thing... not possible. ;)

    thanks for the mp3 anyway, listening to it right now... enjoying the second track a more than the first so far.
    i've seen that some time ago Colin made a list of his "desert island records" for an italian magazine , and put Tortoise's Millions Now Living Will Never Die on the list.
    I'm a little late finding out about that collaboration-
    does anybody still have the mp3 for sharing? :)