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    The tracks on the 27 11 myspace have been there for some considerable time now. My understanding was that things were in hiatus due to Thomas Oberg becoming a father plus Wire activities. I do have an unreliable memory though. But it would be good to see some new work from the Lewis camp. I particularly like the Strange Attractor vocal contrib.
    Yeah, that's a good song. I also like "Ballrooms (Vivify)", the song Graham sings on the last Illáchime Quartet's album.
    Well done for flagging up the biccio. Thats £9 cheaper and postage is free.
    "Often in Gilbert's solo work there's a sense of teetering on the edge of distortion"
    Often in Gilbert's solo work there's distortion

    Lewis had a lot on the backburner around the time Wire last toured Uncool Britannia
    Maybe he has more than 9?
    Anyone heard this yet? I think release was delayed.

    Also Editions Mego are re-issuing 'This Way', remastered by Mr Haswell, with a track from the original Vinyl that wasn't on the Mute Two-fer.
    I've been checking iTunes regularly, but nothing so far.
    Anyone heard this yet? I think release was delayed.

    No, it's out alright...

    Well it's certainly a welcome departure from the random noises circa 'In Esse'. It's much more organic and free flowing, gentle even. Quite cinematic and atmospheric. Actually one particular drone on the track 'Zeros' sounds very like material from 'London Orbital'. My only problem with the album is the overuse of reverb and delay. It's fairly swimming in it. Oceanic and amniotic. Sounds heard from inside. Some parts feel like they need more clarity. There is a kind of, dare I say it, dark ambient/industrial gothic pall throughout 'Zeros', somewhat reminiscent of 90s genre protagonists like Jim Plotkin and Mick Harris. Perhaps this is a problem to do with the fact that Bruce doesn't 'consume' music in the regular sense, which effectively condemns him to re-inventing the wheel each time. But overall it's strong and fairly promising for further development. Just let's hope it won't take him another 12 years (he'd be 75 !!)
    Yes it is out. Recieved mine last week from only £8.95 incl P&P.
    I believe it sold so well at that price it actually is now temp out of stock.
    There's a pile of copies at Amazon (US) both new and via Marketplace sellers in case any fellow Yanks wish to avoid the international shipping and dollar/Euro problem.
    It'd be great if Editions Mego actually checked their email. A message via myspace I sent a couple weeks ago, regarding when a download option will come around, is still sitting unread. If anyone has another means of contacting them, I'd appreciate the help.
    FYI, the album showed up on iTunes today.
    Its also on
    And Touch were stocking it.
    No idea if they have any left.