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    At the same time I got the first rather crap book about Wire out the library, I also borrowed the 33 1/3 book about "Highway 61 Revisited" by Mark Polizotti. It seems Polizotti has more words about the opening drum crack of 'Like a Rolling Stone' than Paul Lester has for the entire solo output of Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert put together!

    In a bit of synchronicity I was looking for my elusive copy of Gang Gang Dance's 'Raw War' single and en route chanced upon a mislaid Gilbertpossstenger CD and an Oxfam 99p Tribute to Bob Dylan CD (some coke addled ad exec at Uncut mag should get paid way too much to come up with a snappy slogan for the likes of me to take the piss out of: "Starving Africans are Killing Music Journalism!"). Of the songs I'm prepared to pay the electricity to listen to on this sixteen strong clutch of covers, the undoubted highlights are Thurston Moore's garage rock rumble through 'Sitting On a Barbed Wire Fence' and the old Luxuria B-side 'She's Your Lover Now.'

    Also there are Wire fan Johnny Marr who obviously rates the future music of Bob Dylan above the supposedly retro music of the Stranglers. It's a shame that his whiny jangly cover of 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright' is way less enjoyable than Hugh Cornwell's 'Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.' The Stranglers' 'Meninblack' album sounds way more futuristic than any music that I've heard from Marr, but I digress. Cornwell's song isn't on this CD, but God himself is!

    Yes, here is the very man who Colin Newman reveals exclusively to be God within the pages of Lowdown (the first drastically error-ridden book about Wire). Todd Rundgren does a pointless 'Most Likely You Go Your Way and I Go Mine' with fairground organ and what I'm assuming to be an impression of Dylan's vocal style. It's OK but nothing to get as excited as Colin seems to have been about his early seventies albums 'A Wizard, A True Star,' 'Something/Anything' and 'Todd.'

    Maybe Bunnyman McCulloch was right when he sang, "God is falling!"

    Any Wire fans out there rate Todd Rundgren?
    Solo Todd's alright. Smoked too much weed though. I prefer Nazz.
    ' a wizard, a true star' was pretty rad synth-rock back in the day. i used to be a big fan. he still produces a lot of stuff. and of course he did the NY Dolls 1st LP. (and the new one).

    i think HughCornwell is brill. plan to catch his show next month in NYC. his new one 'hoover dam' is ok, but 'with or without you'
    sounds fab.
    Mark Polizotti is a cool guy. I know him well.
    Saw Hugh Cornwell's trio play a great gig in February. Unlike misery Morrissey who I went to see a couple of times because the infinitely superior PJ Harvey was supporting his fifties bequiffed band, I stayed to the end of Cornwell's excellent set which closed with a rip-roaring rendition of Down in the Sewer which had been give a second life with no keyboards (just the way future post-punkers The Smiths would've liked it). He also playe Dead Ringer, which I always thought was a song Dave Greenfield sang back in their sexist Bitch-ing days.
    Stranglers are hugely underrated, pretty much unknown in the U.S., but not having listened to them in a while i'd forgotten how good they were/are. solo acoustic HG got very good reviews, so i'm really looking forward to the full band.........

    here's a free download of Hooverdam:
    I saw saw Cornwell earlier this year at the Brudenell in Leeds. Very good indeed. Excellent bassist with him too. I've never felt particularly moved to check out much of his solo output, much as I rated the Nosferatu album he did with Robert Williams, although I did pick up a 'clearance' copy of Beyond Elysian Fields, which had little for me that would entice repeated playing.

    And Greenfield did indeed provide vocals on Dead Ringer (as well as Peasant, Do You Wanna, Genetix, Four Horsemen, and possibly others I can't recall)
    Unlike Wire '47
    Hugh plays his whole new album live!
    Then his fine trio alternate solo numbers with Stranglers hits and misses.

    That Hoover Dam download is rubbish quality, I'd get the album if I were you.
    Happily I am not.

    I may not be god, that is Todd.
    But if Todd be god who be The Devil?

    Maybe it is Dave Greenfield!

    Check the lyrics to 4 Horsemen
    The Last song he sang for The Stranglers.

    If getting a No 2 hit single is under-rated no wonder Newman & Lewis keep banging on about those EMI chart riggers...

    Go Ahead