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    I hope the powers that be won't mind this, but do delete if you feel its not appropriate.

    No doubt most of you have this, but in case there's any new(-ish) to Wire & don't I am flogging a MINT condition 12" version of Wire's 1988 Kidney Bingos EP! Only want a Lady (£5) + postage!

    Whisper back to me if you have any q's or yer interested!
    The Silk Skin Paws disc I mentioned here is claimed.
    Want to swap for my extra Githead Art Pop CD?
    if yer talking to me - no ta!
    I have a pristeen copy of Colin's It Seems album on vinyl which I am happy to let go to a good home.
    No I have Lester's Dingo Big Knees on 7 & 12 stars over 45.

    I was after the SS Paws CD as I only have 12" paws.

    As someone said a while before sticking a shotgun in his mouth,
    I might - might! - have yet a third SSP CD in the "archives" back at my folks' place. No, not hoarding them, I really couldn't remember if I had it and knew it would be gone when I went back to the store if I waited to check. Not entirely certain when I'll be back down there to root around old boxes, but I'll check when I am (November if not earlier).