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    it's a seminal beauty.....still sends shivers up the back of my neck

    30 years on and ex-lion tamer and lowdown toname but two still send me into raptures

    it's a timeless classic IMHO
    I don't think there's a Wire fan that would argue with that Chairs Found. Pink Flag is the masterpiece today that it was when it was originally released - it's influenced more bands than we'll ever hear.
    I do wonder how much this is down to when you first heard that album, though. I never really rated Pink Flag, and it was the last of the original Wire albums I bought when they were reissued on CD. While I still consider 154 and Chairs Missing great albums, most of Pink Flag just left me cold, although I do concede that it's dated less than albums by Wire's contemporaries.
    I personally bought the album on its release and loved it instantly - at the time it was very much of the time, if that makes sense. Like most punk records back then the impact was enormous on my young ears - it was all fresh and brand new - I'd heard nothing quite like it before. I think the album has aged really well - it still sounds fresh to me. It's one of the few albums that I can put on and listen to from start to finish without wanting to skip a track. I've grown up with the it - I know every word of the lyrics and every note played. It's still as new today as it was when I bought it. Having said that - my original vinyl version is now well and truly battered, but I have the new vinyl version and a couple of CDs, so I'm still happy.
    I thought it was different back when I got round to hearing it in 1978.
    Punk/New wave was different, but this was DIFFERENT.
    Music was so exciting back then.
    Chair missing had just been released so I bought that the week after.
    The LP to me(I have quite an Ecletic taste) has withstood the test of time in
    musical taste and is still held in high reguard with most genuine music lovers.
    Pink Flag would be one of my desert island discs (if you were allowed LPs). When the band played the album in its entirety at the Barbican it was probably the happiest I've ever been at a gig. Curiously, I've loaned the album to dozens of folk in the last ten years or so and - to a man - none of them 'get' it. How can one of the finest records in history elude so many people? It's hardly Trout Mask Replica I'm forcing them to listen to...
    Have you heard Trout Mask Replica lately? It gets more listenable with each passing year!
    It's a masterpiece!
    I have the good Captain's 'Trout' on my ipod. And will try to listen to it from start to finish. Ella Guru has always been my favourite, ever since XTC did a version (virtually a facsimile) of it for a Beefheart tribute album some years back.
    never a big fan of the captain myself,(though I may well enjoy him today) much prefer Zappa, who I only saw once alas....