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    It seems odd to repeatedly lambast The Clash for being obvious and retro in Lowdown (the first book about Wire that doesn't make me want to listen to their music), and yet ask Johnny Marr of retro beat combo The Smiths to write a foreword! I'd rather have 30 seconds of Safe European Home or Complete Control than the entire recorded output of Marr and Morrissey. No synths please, we're British!

    In 1977 I don't think any band had ever released a record as rough and ready as the first Clash album on a major label.

    In 1980, did The Magnificent Seven really sound like a band rehashing cliches of the past?

    As for their political lyrics being obvious, maybe they are to some. It's patronising to assume they would be obvious to everyone. Strummer never wrote a lyric as stupid as, "This beautiful creature must die a death for no reason and death for no reason is murder."

    Death for no reason can occur in a multitude of forms that are not murderous. It is also possible to eat animals that have not been murdered, for instance if a pig died by falling out of a tree you could chop it up, burn it and gobble it up if you were so inclined. I'd prefer a nice juicy pear myself. So whilst I agree with the sentiments of 'Meat is Murder' that eating animals is unnecessary and cruel, not to mention a major factor causing human starvation, Morrissey's lyrics undermine his political rhetoric by being complete balderdash.

    It's a shame but the creature in question, presumably a cow judging by the mooing that ends the album, has died for a reason, and that reason is to make some ignorant obese tub of human lard even more corpulent.

    I think Faust should have a go at promoting vegetarianism, maybe they'd come up with something like, "Le cochon est dans l'arbre, hope it don't fall on father! Why don't you eat carrots?"

    There are black sheep on the starboard bow
    It's worse than that they're dead John

    Unlike QEII...
    The Stooges and The Ramones first albums were before the Clash.
    I seem to remember saying this in another thread, but whenever I listen to The Clash I get the feeling that they were trying too hard. I don't think the songs are bad (I like 'Safe European Home', too) but to me there's an overly earnest quality about them. "We're a rock and roll band! Seriously!!" I do prefer them to The Smiths, however.
    I like The Clash, but Strummer isn't fit to lick Mozza's boots as a lyricist. And at least Moz didn't sing that his daddy was a bank robber, which in Joe's case was clearly a bit of a fib! ; )
    Face it. Strummer was a drunk and a mess after 1982. His solo work really wasn't any good.
    Joe was acting out the role of a bankrobber, wheras Mozery did a pantomime cow.
    The Smiths strike me as one of the most overly earnest bands ever, although they did try to do humour I suppose. The best one wasn't even a Mozery lyric: WORK IS A $ LETTER WORD

    Trash City is a brilliant song.

    Strummer probably died young due to excess spliff, mon.
    i love strummer's solo stuff esp the last 2 lp's. not a bad track on either Global A Go-Go or StreetCore.

    JS prob died of a preexisting heart condition, tho the smoke & drink didn't help any.

    as far as meat goes i'm w bessie smith on this one: "just gimme a pigfoot and a gang of gin.".......ahh, life's little pleasures.
    I'd rather cut off my balls and sew them to my head than eat a pigfoot!
    "I'd rather cut off my balls and sew them to my head than eat a pigfoot!"

    you could film it & post it on youtube (orXtube?) or someplace. i'm sure somebody in a newspaper would call it ART. you could do a limited edition dvd. show in art galleries. write a book. give lectures. tour the world!
    "A Serious of Sensible Responsibles"
    Choose your favourite reply from the following:

    1. What a lovely Idea! I've nothing better to do than entertain cretins on youtube!

    2. Damien Hirst already did something like this and got a fat wad off the farts council.

    3. I'd rather hire an idiot to flood...

    4. I prefer the old tortures. I'd rather make fun at yer than post videos online.
    bad hair day Graeme?
    What do you mean?
    I think what Ari was trying to tell us was this:

    "In the Temple of Melkart, Hannibal swore his undying hatred of Rome. Isis gave birth to Horus in this very temple, although obviously not in Mad Rid. Napolean SPENT the night here in December 1808. The dismembered Alfonso turned in his several graves."

    Does your Godd still
    help you on your days off